Certified Pre-owned Phones

Pre-owned phones an easy way to save
Boost Mobile gives you value without compromise. Our certified pre-owned phones do the same.
Why choose pre-owned?
Boost Mobile certified pre-owned phones offer all the same features as a new phone but at a fraction of the cost. Each one is thoroughly inspected and refurbished to like-new condition. That means you’ll either have the latest software available already installed or have access to it, plus your phone will still look like a million bucks.
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Q: Are certified pre-owned phones reliable?
A: Yes. They work the same as new phones. Certified pre-owned phones are tested, inspected and, if necessary, remanufactured according to the original manufacturer specifications. They are restored to factory default settings and loaded with the latest system software. They also offer the same great Boost Mobile coverage, powered by the Nationwide Sprint® Network.
Q: Will my certified pre-owned phone look used?
A: No. Every certified pre-owned phone goes through a 30-point quality checklist and is inspected for cosmetic defects so it will look just like new.
Q: Do certified-preowned phones come with a guarantee?
A: Yes. Each phone is backed by our 14-day satisfaction guarantee, so it's worry free.
Q: Where can I buy a certified pre-owned phone?
A: Certified pre-owned phones are available online only.
Q: Do I have to sign up for a special plan?
A: No. Certified pre-owned phones can be used with the same plans as new Boost phones. Plans will vary depending on the kind of phone you purchase.
Q: Is there any additional fee to activate a certified pre-owned phone?
A: Yes. Certified pre-owned phones are subject to a $10 reactivation fee at the time of activation but Boost will apply $10 credit to your account to offset that fee. The credit will be placed onto your account within two weeks of activation and first month’s payment.
Q: Is phone insurance available with certified pre-owned phones?
A: Yes. You can enroll in phone insurance within 30 days of purchasing your certified pre-owned phone with an accompanying Monthly Unlimited plan. The monthly premium for phone insurance is $7. The cost will be added to your Boost Mobile monthly payment.
Q: Do certified pre-owned phones come with a warranty?
A: No. Certified pre-owned phones are backed by our 14-day satisfaction guarantee, but they are not covered under the Boost Mobile warranty policy.