Mobile ID

How To Get Mobile ID?

Once your Mobile ID capable phone is activated, you can install an initial ID Pack. ID Packs are bundles of applications, ringtones, wallpapers, settings, and more. ID Packs are installed using an application called Mobile ID. You can install as many as five ID Packs at any one time in addition to the default My ID pack. You can easily switch from one ID Pack to another without losing any applications you've already downloaded and installed.

Install Your First ID Pack: Your device must be activated, your battery should be fully charged, and you should be in a network coverage area before you install an ID Pack.

  1. From the home screen, tap "ID" Mobile ID Icon
  2. On the Welcome to Mobile ID screen, tap Continue. (If the lock screen appears, unlock it by dragging the UNLOCK icon [ ] to the right side of the screen.)
  3. Tap Get New on the Choose your ID screen. (My ID is the default ID Pack.)
  4. Tap an ID Pack on the Mobile ID screen.
  5. Read the information screen for a description of the ID Pack and tap Install
  6. Agree to the Terms & Conditions (Agree)
  7. Your ID pack will begin downloading and automatically install (during download you may tap continue to allow you to normally use your phone or go back to what you were doing before)
  8. Once your pack has completed downloading, it will automatically install and appear as your current ID
  9. You can switch between IDs at any time by clicking on the ID logo at the bottom of any home screen – Choose Your ID screen will come up and simply select a different ID you have already installed on your phone.

To download a Mobile ID Pack:

  1. On your main Home screen, press the ID icon next to the Phone and Application icons
  2. At the Choose your ID screen, click Get New to browse through the ID Packs available for download
  3. Once you select your ID Pack, click Install
  4. Review the ID Pack Terms & Conditions and select Agree
  5. The ID Pack will begin downloading; this could take several minutes depending upon the size of the ID Pack
  6. Once the download is complete, an Install completed successfully! pop-up message will appear; select OK

Once the ID Pack has downloaded to your phone, to use it:

  1. On your main Home screen, press the ID icon next to the Phone and Application icons
  2. At the Choose your ID screen, select the ID Pack you want.
  3. The ID should appear on the phone within a few seconds

Note: If you don't see an ID icon on your Home screen, you can find Mobile ID by pressing the Applications icon or the Menu button.
Note: If a phone call interrupts the download of the ID Pack, the downloading process should be cancelled and restarted.
You can learn more about Mobile ID Packs and view them online by going to 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take to download the ID pack?
This is based on the size of the ID pack. The average pack downloads and installs in less than a few minutes.
How many ID packs can I have at a time?
Your phone is limited to 6 packs (5 plus My ID) at any given time. If you attempt to install a 7th ID Pack the following message will appear: "You have filled all available ID Pack slots. To add a new ID pack you must delete an existing one. Tap Manage to see a list of your installed ID Packs and choose one to delete."
How much do ID packs cost?
The installation/download of all ID Packs are free. Some packs may include premium content in the ID Pack that will be an additional charge should you choose to purchase.
Does Boost provide technical support for 3rd party ID Packs?
Boost will support the installation and download of an ID Pack, but issues specifically related to content within 3rd Party ID Packs will be supported by that 3rd Party. Boost will help a customer to determine if their issue is directly related to the 3rd party ID Pack (vs. the ID Pack installation/download).
Where can I find the 3rd party contact info?
  2. Touch the menu icon in the lower left hand corner of the screen,
  3. Select “Manage”
  4. Touch an ID Pack to select it.
  5. From the ID pack developer’s information screen, you can
  6. Identify the developer under “Developed by.”
  7. Touch the area under “Web site” to launch your browser and visit the developer’s website.
  8. Touch the area under “Email” to compose and send an email to the developer.
  9. Note: Certain features of Mobile ID are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information about using Mobile ID, see the User Guide at
When new ID Packs become available, how will I be notified?
You will not be notified directly, but new ID Packs will be detailed on the device as well as on
How will I be notified of updates/upgrades to an ID Pack?
Currently there are no Boost notifications for updates to ID Packs or individual applications. 3rd Party ID Pack developers might notify you if you sign up for their notifications through the 3rd party developer site. If applications contained within the ID Pack are applications also available in the Android Market, the specific application will be updated through the standard Android Market application update process.
Am I required to install an ID Pack?
No, the ID installations is optional but is highly recommended to get the best experience from your device. After you complete device setup, you should select and install the Boost ID default pack by tapping "ID" on the home screen. If a device experiences software reset, the Boost ID default pack must again be downloaded and installed on the device.
Will the ID Packs have different menus, screens, etc?
Menus will be the same for all ID Packs but screens will vary
What service plan is required to have Mobile ID?
ID will work on all unlimited plans.
What Android OS versions are compatible with Mobile ID?
Android 2.1 and higher.
Will Boost maintain a history or backup of each customer's ID Packs installed?
No. We don't track or manage your installation and removal of an ID pack. You are free to install and delete any pack you like. The only pack that must remain on your phone is the Boost ID pack.
What is "My ID"?
My ID is a permanent, pre-loaded ID Pack on Mobile ID devices that is fully customizable by you.
Can I opt out of using Mobile ID?
To enjoy the full benefit of being a Boost Mobile customer, you are encouraged to download and use any pack you desire. You should have at least the Boost ID Pack installed on the device at all times. You can choose to only use the My ID pack and not install Boost ID Pack if you so desire.
Can I add ID Packs to any device?
No. Mobile ID is only available on Mobile ID devices. Currently there is one Mobile ID device: Samsung Transform
Can I transfer ID Packs to another Mobile ID capable device?
No. ID Packs must be installed/downloaded on the individual Mobile ID device.
How do I get ID Packs back on my device following a device reset or replacement?
ID Packs must be re-installed/downloaded following a device reset or replacement.
Can I review a history of ID Packs I have downloaded?
No we don't track or maintain a history of your ID pack downloads.
Does this approach "fracture/split" the Android Code?
Absolutely not. Boost believes we must maintain the integrity of Android, and not allow the fracturing of the Operating system. Mobile ID places an application on top of Android that allows the content and developer community to place their experience in front of their customers at the point of activation. Any application built for Mobile ID can be placed into the market and used by any other carrier.