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Kyocera Cell Phone KYC5215ABB-KYC5215ABB
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Kyocera Hydro EDGE
Manual & User Guide

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Kyocera Hydro EDGE FAQs & Guides

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    What does it mean that Hydro EDGE is waterproof?

    Hydro EDGE is certified waterproof for IPX5 (protection from water jets) and IPX7 (protection from water immersion for up to 30 minutes in up to 3.28 feet or 1 meter of fresh water). The phone will not operate under water and should be dried as quickly as possible when wet. To ensure that your phone maintains water resistance, make sure the battery door is properly sealed.

    What does it mean that Hydro EDGE is dust proof?

    Hydro EDGE is protected from dust intrusion and is certified that using the phone in a dusty environment should not prevent the phone from functioning properly.

    What does it mean that Hydro EDGE has an impact resistant screen?

    The Hydro EDGE screen is made from high-quality impact and scratch resistant glass to protect it from most incidents related to every day wear and tear.

    What is the Smart Sonic Receiver and why is it important?

    The Hydro EDGE Smart Sonic Receiver is a state-of-the-art Kyocera ceramic actuator that turns sounds into vibrations. By turning the sound into vibrations, your eardrum receives the sound through the ear canal and the tissue around the ear. What does this mean for you? There is no need for a traditional speaker, the phone has cleaner lines, you get improved sound quality in almost all places where the phone rests on the ear, and you get an improved ability to hear conversations clearly, even in noisy environments like a crowded airport or a soccer game. In most instances, you can even hear clearly while wearing heavy-duty ear protection.

    How do I conserve battery life with Eco Mode?

    The Eco Mode level you choose controls the use of features that can drain the battery, including screen timeout, display brightness, synchronization of applications, haptic feedback and auto-rotate screen feature. To set Eco Mode, do the following.

    - From the home screen touch the Application Launcher icon.
    - Touch the Eco Mode icon.
    - Touch On to turn Eco Mode on.
    - Touch Auto On to choose the battery level at which Eco Mode will turn on.
    - Customize your Eco Mode settings by selecting from available options.

    How do I conserve battery life with MaxiMZR?

    MaxiMZR helps conserve battery power with minimal impact to the usability of your phone by limiting the background data connection based on your personal usage of applications. To set up MaxiMZR, do the following.

    - From the home screen, touch the Menu Key.
    - Touch System Settings.
    - Touch MaxiMZR.
    - Touch ON to turn MaxiMZR on.
    - Touch Apps to see the list of regulated applications.

    How do I increase the font size with MagniFont (Large Font Option)?

    Magnifont increases the font size on the home screen, launcher, dialer, contacts, incoming/outgoing calls, emails and messages. To set up MagniFont, do the following.

    - From the home screen, touch the Application Launcher icon.
    - Touch the MagniFont icon.
    - Touch the MagniFont button.
    - MagniFont is now turned on.

    How do I add App shortcuts or widgets to the home screen?

    - From the home screen, touch the Application Launcher icon.
    - Slide the APPS or WIDGETS screens to find the item you want to add to the home screen.
    - Touch and hold the app icon or widget and drag it to the new location. The blue frames which appear on the screen indicate where you might place the item.
    - Release your finger.

    How do I move or remove items on the home screen?

    - Touch and hold the item you want to move or remove from the home screen.
    - Drag the item to a new area and release it.
    - To remove the item, drag it to “X Remove” at the top of the screen and release it when it turns red.

    How do I use Folders?

    You can place several app icons in a folder. To use this feature, do the following.

    - Touch and hold an app icon and drag it over another on the home screen.
    - Release your finger. You can see two icons piled within a folder (a black circle).
    - Touch the circle. You can see the app icons within the folder.
    - Touch Unnamed Folder. The keyboard opens and you can name the folder. To rename it, touch the name.

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