Using VuTalk

  1. Open the Contacts application and touch to display only the contacts who use the VuTalk feature.

  2. Touch the desired contact, then touch to send an invitation to the contact.

    Contacts screen
    1. Filter VuTalk users

    2. VuTalk user

    Detail contacts screen
    1. Launch VuTalk

    VuTalk agreement screen
    VuTalk request screen
    • Touch to attach an image, take a photo, or insert a map view or sticker.

      A example of use 1
      A example of use 2
  3. Touch or the Back Key to end the VuTalk feature.

    • You may save VuTalk contents to the Notebook when exiting VuTalk.

    • The VuTalk feature will not be ended by pressing the Home Key.