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BlackBerry® Daily Unlimited

The perfect work-hard, play-hard phone meets our affordable daily unlimited plan. Get unlimited talk, text, web, email and 411 on BlackBerry® for just $3/day. All with no contracts and the Nationwide Sprint® Network.

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    Buy your phone online or in a store

  • When you've got it in hand, activate it & pick a plan

  • Keep your number & enjoy your new phone

What's included

Nationwide Talk, Text, Web** & Email


Voicemail, Long Distance, Call Waiting & Call Forwarding


411 Directory Assistance


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  • No contract plans
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  • 14 day return policy

Additional plan services

International Calling

Call anyone, anywhere in the world, at competitive rates.

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Phone Insurance

Can't live without your phone? Get Phone Insurance so you don't have to.

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More Information

How to maintain your account

Add money to your account any time to cover your payments.

  • Make sure to have enough money in your account to cover your monthly payment by your monthly payment date (set as the same day of the month you made your previous monthly payment).
  • Any time you miss your monthly payment you will have 60 days to add enough money to your account to cover your monthly payment amount before your account is cancelled. If your account is cancelled you will lose any remaining account balance as well as your Boost Mobile phone and Walkie-Talkie numbers.

How to add money to your account

Adding money to your account is easy. Choose the method that works best for you.

  • Dial #ADD (#233) to add money from your handset or visit My Account online. You can also securely register your preferred way to pay online, to make faster one-time payments anytime.
  • You can also pay in person with cash or credit at one of thousands of authorized retail locations.

How to use Auto Re-BoostSM

Once you've registered a credit/debit card or account, you can set up automatic payments. It's called Auto
Re-BoostSM and it's the easiest way for you to keep your service active.

  • Sign up for Auto Re-BoostSM, and Boost will automatically process your monthly payment every month on your monthly payment date.

How to check your balance

  • Dial #BAL (#225) from your handset to check your balance for FREE.