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Monthly Unlimited

The Monthly Unlimited plan for Feature phones

Includes unlimited talk, text and data for just $50/month. Plus with Shrinking Payments, you can reduce your monthly payments to as little as $35/month. This is the perfect plan for the basic feature phone, all with no annual contracts on the Nationwide Sprint® Network.

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What's included

Shrinking Payments

Reduce your monthly payment by up to $15/month.*


Nationwide talk and text




Voicemail, Long Distance, Call Waiting & Call Forwarding


Shrink your payments

Drag the slider to see how low your monthly payment can go. Learn how Shrinking Payments works.

*Shrinking Payments reduces your payment by $5/month for every six on-time payments, down to as low as $35/month for $50 Monthly Unlimited.Learn more.

**Includes 2.5GB/month of high-speed data. Adaptive Protocol Video limited to 3G speeds Speed details here

See plan Terms & Conditions.

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International Connect

Make unlimited calls around the world with International Connect.

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Referral Program

Your friends have benefits. Earn $25 for each one you refer.

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Shrinking Payments

With every 6 on-time payments we take $5 off your monthly payment.

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Phone Insurance

Can't live without your phone? Get Phone Insurance so you don't have to.

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airG VIP

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More Information

How to maintain your account

Add money to your account any time to cover your payments.

  • Make sure to have enough money in your account to cover your monthly payment by your monthly payment date (set as the same day of the month you made your previous monthly payment).
  • Any time you miss your monthly payment you will have 60 days to add enough money to your account to cover your monthly payment amount before your account is cancelled. If your account is cancelled you will lose any remaining account balance as well as your Boost Mobile phone and Walkie-Talkie numbers.

How to add money to your account

Adding money to your account is easy. Choose the method that works best for you.

  • Dial #ADD (#233) to add money from your handset or visit My Account online. You can also securely register your preferred way to pay online, to make faster one-time payments anytime.
  • You can also pay in person with cash or credit at one of thousands of authorized retail locations.

How to use Auto Re-BoostSM

Once you've registered a credit/debit card or account, you can set up automatic payments. It's called Auto
Re-BoostSM and it's the easiest way for you to keep your service active.

  • Sign up for Auto Re-BoostSM, and Boost will automatically process your monthly payment every month on your monthly payment date.

How to check your balance

  • Dial #BAL (#225) from your handset to check your balance for FREE.

GENERAL SERVICE TERMS: These terms are subject to the Boost Mobile General Terms and Conditions. Rates effective as of 9/26/2013. Prices, offers & programs are subject to change without notice & are not available in all markets/retail locations or for all phones. Offers are contingent on device selection. State and local sales taxes & fees may apply when adding funds to your Boost account.  Text to 3rd parties for content & promotions may result in additional fees.  Directory Assistance: $1.29/call plus standard airtime rates (as applicable); Interactive voice response services only. Email & Instant Messaging:  Available on select phones only.  Calls to your voicemail are charged at the rates set forth in your plan. Standard airtime rates apply when initiating/receiving calls through the call waiting feature. Other surcharges may apply. Domestic Coverage:  Coverage not available everywhere.  Data & voice experience differs by network & by device selected. Our services will only work with our phones – not all services are available with all phones or on all networks. CDMA Series: Nationwide Sprint Network for voice reaches over 278 million people; domestic coverage includes the 48 U.S contiguous states, HI, DC, PR, & US VI. Sprint 3G Network for data reaches over 276 million people.  Sprint 4G WiMAX Series: The Sprint 4G WiMAX network reaches over 70 markets on select Boost 4G devices. Sprint 4G LTE Network: The Sprint 4G LTE network is available in over 150 markets and counting. Unless noted, Boost Mobile 4G LTE devices do not operate on the Sprint 4G WiMAX network & Boost Mobile 4G WiMAX devices do not operate on the Sprint 4G LTE network. Not all services available on 4G and coverage may default to 3G/1xRTT where 4G is unavailable. International Services: Int’l services extra. International calls made to destinations not included in int’l connect add-ons will be subject to additional charges.  Messaging (Text & Multimedia) and content: Standard message rates are charged when a text or multimedia message is sent or received, whether read or unread, viewed or unviewed, solicited or unsolicited. 3rd Party Content: Text to 3rd parties for content and promotions may result in additional fees.  Subscribers may purchase mobile content from Boost Mobile storefronts & also from 3rd parties on a one-time or recurring basis.  Content fees will be deducted from subscriber’s account balance.  Subscribers are responsible for all content purchased including content purchased by others authorized to use devices on the account.  Call care for information on usage controls (e.g., account blocking tools or similar features).  Other Terms: Offers not available for all plans & are subject to change. Additional fees apply for number changes & market transfers. A $10 reactivation fee will apply if your account is cancelled. A nonzero prepaid credit balance is required at all times to access any Boost services not included in your plan (excluding 911 and Boost Customer Care); balance cannot exceed $300.

$50 Monthly Unlimited with Shrinking Payments: Offers based on device selection; not all services available for all devices. Includes unlimited domestic voice calling, text & multimedia messages, web, email, Instant Messaging (Instant Messaging available only on select handsets) & 411 Directory Assistance. Unlimited services are available only from Boost’s domestic coverage area. International services extra.

Other Terms for Monthly Plans: Shrinking Payments Discounts: Shrinking payment discounts awarded in $5 increments after 6 timely & confirmed monthly payments made on your monthly payment date; total amounts paid must equal or exceed the total amount due for all six payments to receive the $5 incremental plan discount.  Total plan discount shall not exceed $15 off the total monthly plan payment amount. Eligible plan discounts will not be restored upon reactivation if account is cancelled.

Monthly Payment Terms: To avoid service interruption, account must have enough funds to cover monthly payment & add-ons/incidentals on the monthly payment date. Payment date will be the day of the month that you activate service on your phone or the last day of the month, as applicable. However, if your service is suspended or terminated, your payment date will change to the day of the month before the date you reactivate services (e.g., if you reactivate services on the 15th, your payment date will be on the 14th) except reactivations made at the end or the first of the month (i.e., 30th, 31st or 1st), which will result in varied payment dates contingent on the last calendar day of the month. Activation of service will occur when you have sufficient funds in your account to fulfill your monthly payment. Your payment must be made in full within 60 days of service interruption to resume service or your account & service will be cancelled. If your account is cancelled, you will lose all funds in your account balance & telephone number. A $10 reactivation fee will apply. Payments are made by adding funds to your account, with your account balance being equal to or greater than the monthly payment amount by no later than 11:59 p.m., of your monthly payment date or service may be interrupted due to non-payment. Account balance is decreased as monthly payments are due & services not included in the monthly plans are used. Payment amount does not include incidentals, including, but not limited to, int’l calls, wireless entertainment & downloads. Advance Payment: When you add funds that equal or exceed your monthly payment amount during your monthly cycle, we reserve the right to automatically deduct the amount of your next monthly recurring charge from your account balance. You may only pay one monthly recurring charge in advance.  You can cancel the Advance Payment online in My Account, up to an hour before your next monthly recurring charge is due.  Advance Payment is not available for all plans. If you do not have sufficient funds available in advance to make a payment, Boost will process payment using other funding sources, including, but not limited to, your account balance or credit/debit cards for autorenew customers.


$5/Month International Connect Add-On: Recurring Add-On that includes unlimited international text, and calling to over 150 cities in Mexico (landlines only) and Canada (excludes Northern Territories, area code 867).

$10/Month International Connect Plus Add-On: Recurring Add-On that includes same features as $5 International Connect Recurring One Month Exp Add-On PLUS, $0.05/minute calls to mobile phones in Mexico, and calls to over 45 select countries (landlines only).

$15/Month International Connect Plus  Add-On- LIMITED TIME OFFER  - Available through 5/31/2014. Recurring Add-On that includes SAME features as $10 International Connect Plus Recurring One Month Exp Add-On PLUS Bonus 1,000 calling minutes to Mexico mobiles each month. After the 1,000 monthly minute allotment is used, talk minutes to Mexico mobiles will be charged at the regular rate of $0.05/minute.

International Minute Packs Add-On: One Month Exp Add-On that includes voice minute pack to select international destinations & unlimited international text messaging. Add-On expires when minutes depleted or one month from purchase date, whichever occurs first. If minutes depleted before monthly end date, unlimited texts continue but calls to international destinations charged at current per minute rate available for International Connect Plus Add-On until the monthly end date. Account must have sufficient funds to cover additional incurred charges at time of use or account suspended until sufficient funds added.
Other Terms for international Add-Ons: Calls made to destinations not included in Add-Ons will be subject to additional charges. AVAILABLE COUNTRIES AND/OR SELECT INTERNATIONAL CITIES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.  Visit regularly for changes including, but not limited to, included countries, select international cities & fees.

Other terms for add-ons: Add-ons available only with monthly plans. For existing accounts, add-on service takes effect when new monthly plan begins & for new activations service takes effect immediately. To avoid service interruption, account must have enough funds to cover your monthly payment & add-on/incidentals on your monthly payment date.  International calls made to destinations not included in int’l connect add-ons will be subject to additional charges. AVAILABLE COUNTRIES AND/OR SELECT INTERNATIONAL CITIES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.  Please visit regularly for changes including, but not limited to, included countries, select international cities & fees.

OTHER GENERAL SERVICE TERMS: UNLIMITED USE DOES NOT MEAN UNREASONABLE USE. To ensure that all customers have access to reliable services provided at a reasonable cost, you may not use our service in a manner that interferes with another Boost Mobile customer’s use of our service or disproportionally impacts Boost Mobile’s network resources. Boost Mobile reserves the right, without notice or limitation, to terminate individual calls, or, after providing notice to you, offer you a different service plan with no unlimited usage components, limit data throughput speeds or quantities, or deny, terminate, end, modify, disconnect or suspend your service, or decline to renew your service, if you engage in any of the prohibited voice or data uses detailed below or if Boost Mobile, in its sole discretion, determines action is necessary to protect its wireless networks from harm or degradation. Examples of Prohibited Voice Uses: Boost Mobile voice services are provided solely for live dialogue between, and initiated by, two individuals for personal use & as otherwise described in this policy. Boost Mobile voice services may not be used for any commercial or other similar purposes including, but not limited to, (1) conference calling; (2), monitoring services; (3), data transmissions; (4), transmission of broadcasts; (5) transmission of recorded material; (6) interconnection to other networks; (7) telemarketing; (8) autodialed calls; (9) other commercial uses; or other connections that do not consist of uninterrupted live dialogue between two individuals. Examples of Prohibited Data Uses: Boost Mobile data services are provided solely for purposes of web browsing, messaging, and similar data activities. You may not use the data service: (1) with server devices or host computer applications or other systems that drive continuous heavy traffic or data sessions, including, but not limited to, disproportionate web camera posts or broadcasts, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections, peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing applications broadcast to multiple servers or recipients such that they could enable "bots" or similar routines; (2) as a substitute or backup for private lines or frame relay connections; (3) to send or receive unusually high numbers of messages; (4) to engage in atypical web usage behaviors; (5) for any activity that adversely affects the ability of other people or systems to use either our wireless services or other parties' Internet-based resources; and (6) for any other reason that, in our sole discretion, harms our network. Unlimited Use Plans:If you subscribe to rate plans, services or features that are described as “unlimited”, you should be aware that such unlimited plans are subject to these Boost Mobile Prohibited Network Uses and Boost Mobile’s General Terms and Conditions.

Throughput Limitations: With all plans, certain video data (Adaptive Protocol Video) will be limited to 600Kbps, which may impact video quality and performance. See for details.

With select plans and product offers, Boost Mobile will reduce throughput speeds when monthly data usage exceeds 2.5GB/month. Customers will continue to have data access but maximum speeds (including adaptive protocol video) may be limited to 3G speeds of 256Kbps or below for the remainder of the monthly plan cycle.  During this time, customers may experience slower page loads, file downloads and degraded streaming media.  Throughput speeds will be restored when your new monthly plan begins.

Network Management and Performance: For important information on Sprint's network management tools, policies and other related information, please visit To review legal, federal and state regulatory and other consumer notices, including, but not limited to, Puerto Rico complaint procedures, please visit