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Phone Insurance

Can't live without your cell phone? Get Phone Insurance so you don't have to. Here are some reasons to choose Phone Insurance:

  • Without insurance, you may be required to pay full price for a new phone if a replacement was needed.
  • Insuring your phone provides you peace of mind by protecting your investment in the event of loss, theft, accidental damage, and out- of-warranty mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • It's easy and convenient.
  • You can typically receive a replacement phone within the next business day, once your claim is approved.
for Phone Insurance
Covers Out-of-Warranty Phone
Covers Stolen Phones
Covers Accidentally Damaged Phones
(including liquid damage)
Covers Lost Phones

How does it work?

Simply enroll in Phone Insurance when activating your new phone or in My Account within 30 days of purchasing your new Boost Mobile® phone with an accompanying Monthly Unlimited plan.

You are eligible for 2 approved claims within a 12-month period beginning on the date of the first replacement. There is a per claim limit per tier as follows: Tier 1: $150, Tier 2: $250, Tier 3: $1,000 and Tier 4: $1,500.

Once your claim is approved, you will pay a nonrefundable deductible of $20, $50, $100, or $175 depending on your phone. See list of phones and their applicable deductibles.

You may cancel your optional coverage at any time and receive a prorated refund or credit, if any, within the applicable time frame required by law.

Your phone will be replaced with a reconditioned one of like kind and quality. In the event a reconditioned phone is not available, the replacement will be a new phone of like kind and quality.

Phone Insurance is provided by: American Security Insurance Company (NAIC 42978; Principle Address: 260 Interstate North Circle, SE Atlanta, GA 30339, 1-770-763-1000;
Jurisdiction: Washington, D.C. and all states in the United States; except NH; Domicile: DE) in all states, except NH; Standard Guaranty Insurance Company. In Puerto Rico and
the US Virgin Islands (USVI), the underwriter will be Caribbean American Property Insurance Company. These companies operate under the trade name Assurant Solutions.