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Shrinking Payments means a fatter wallet.
With every 6 on-time payments we take $5 off your monthly payment.
Here's how it all works.
For every 6 on-time payments, Boost will lower your monthly payment by $5, up to $15/month in total.

$50 Monthly Unlimited $55 Monthly Unlimited $60 Monthly Unlimited $45 Monthly Unlimited
Starting Monthly Payments $50 $55 $60 $45
After 6 On-Time Payments $45 $50 $55 $40
After 12 On-Time Payments $40 $45 $50 $35
After 18 On-Time Payments $35 $40 $45 $30
How to Start Receiving your Shrinking Payments


Sign Up. All Monthly Unlimited plans include Shrinking Payments and unlimited nationwide talk, text, web, email & 411. New customers simply need to activate on any of our Monthly Unlimited plans with Shrinking Payments. Existing customers, just visit My Account to sign up for a Monthly Unlimited Plan with Shrinking Payments to start saving.



Make your on-time payments. Remember, for every 6 on-time payments, Boost will lower your monthly payment by $5. On-time payments are made on or before the monthly payment date. Your monthly payment date remains the same every month as long as you successfully make your monthly payment. You can register with Auto Re-Boost to ensure on-time payments, where your monthly payment amount will be automatically deducted from your credit or debit card on your
monthly payment date.



Start Shrinking. Once enrolled in Monthly Unlimited with Shrinking Payments you will receive text messages and/or emails to notify you when you have reached a savings milestone!


Missed a payment? While it's best to make regular on-time payments each month, payments do not have to be consecutive. If you miss a payment you don't have to start over. The on-time payments made to the account will still be credited towards your next savings milestone.



Shrinkage discounts awarded in $5 increments after 6 timely monthly payments made on customer’s payment date. Total on-time payments must exceed the total monthly payment amount for 6 months of the service to receive each $5 incremental plan discount; discounts not to exceed $15. Eligible plan discounts will not be restored upon reactivation if account is cancelled. Account expires 60 days after last monthly payment date and account balance may be forfeited. Additional terms and other restrictions apply. ©2013 Boost Worldwide, Inc. All rights reserved. Boost, Boost Mobile and the Logo are trademarks of Boost.