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We know what customers say about us can be far more important than what we say about ourselves. Read Boost Mobile reviews and see why so many people choose us.

Thank you for rewarding your faithful, responsible customers. I've never been more pleased with my wireless service than I am right now. Two months ago I left a contract plan with another carrier after nearly 10 years and I'm proud to tell people I'm now a Boost Mobile customer. Your company offers a necessary service at a great price. I also feel appreciated which is something that completely took me by surprise. Thank you. "

-- Dana L. (Morgantown, KY)

I really like the $50 Unlimited plan with Shrinkage. In my opinion, it says Boost appreciates their customers by giving discounts on monthly unlimited after paying your bill on time. I love being able to surf the internet from my phone and I can do it cheaper than any internet service can offer. I have been with alot of different carriers and Boost is by far the best. I recommend anyone to try Boost Mobile. I promise you will stay."

-- Danyelle H. (Muldrow, OK)

I would absolutely recommend Boost Mobile to my friends! What attracted me to Boost was the International Plan which was highly recommended to me by two people. I will certainly return the favor and recommend it to anyone else who can benefit from this awesome product and service."

-- Daniel C. (Austin, TX)

You can have unlimited usage on a great network that has coverage just about everywhere in the U.S. and you get rewarded for paying your bill on time. Every 6 payments your bill goes down $5! If you could do that now with your wireless carrier, where would you be? It's the BEST deal around! There's a phone to fit your need and a plan to fit your wallet! "

-- Lena Renaé W. (Gary, IN)

Mr. President, thank you for making me feel like a special customer. Finally there is a phone service that is truly showing appreciation to their customers because of the Shrinkage plan and the low monthly cost. Thank you! "

-- Lisa B. (Springfield, MA)

I ALWAYS recommend Boost to friends; my office mate JUST signed up (seriously)! I sold him on price and on the Shrinkage idea --he was paying WAY more for a contract provider. I think it literally was my months of taunting him because he was paying so much more than I was, and he didn't even have an Unlimited plan. He loves Boost Mobile. "

-- Michael J. (Chapel Hill, NC)

Unlike my previous carrier, which offered much less for only slightly less money, I absolutely feel like I'm getting my money's worth with Boost Mobile. I rely on my smartphone more as a tool than a toy, so value and performance matter. With Boost, I feel I'm getting both. "

-- Barrett B. (Brooklyn, NY)

Shrinkage rocks! Finally, customers can get rewarded for doing their part. I think Boost Mobile really went the extra mile on this one for their customers. Good work guys! "

-- Michael C. (Las Vegas, NV)

I have Boost Mobile because I'm able to pay a flat rate each month. Since I'm in college and I have to keep track of my spending, I'm glad that I can have great service and still have some money in my bank account to do things I love to do. "

-- Ricardo T. (Fort Collins, CO)

Boost Mobile has VERY affordable plans with Shrinkage. Every 6 months up to 18 months, your plan get's $5.00 cheaper providing ALL of your payments are on time. At a time when the economy is still struggling to recover...saving $15.00 a month is a great reward just for being a loyal customer. "

-- Steve C. (Long Beach, CA)

Boost Mobile fits my life! Thank you for a giving us a chance to have a normal, reasonable cell phone bill, with options! You Rock! "

-- Patsy C. (Chester, PA)

Boost Mobile is the biggest bang for you buck! You get texting, internet and calling for one low price. I never used internet before Boost because I didn't want to pay for it. Now I have it for less than my friends. "

-- Joy A. (Tuscola, IL)

I have all the freedom I want with Boost Mobile. No contracts or worrying about if my payment went through. I just put in my re-boost card and I'm on my way! "

-- Randy B. (Lubbock, TX)

Shrinkage is fantastic...will probably keep me as a customer for life. "

-- Jim D. (Junction City, KS)

Thank you so much for having the $50 Unlimited plan, Shrinkage, and for bringing Android™-powered phones to Boost Mobile. Thank you for helping people like me on a budget by providing us with great service and great plans! "

-- Tasheena B. (Merrillville, IN)

Thank you for having such convenient and economic plans. I am on a very tight budget as a single mom and now I can talk to anyone I want whenever I want. "

-- Sharon V. (Rochester, NY)

I think Shrinkage is the best part about having a cell phone. While other phone companies hike their prices...Boost Mobile is giving you the opportunity to save money - and we all need a little extra cash! "

-- Jameka M. (Memphis, TN)

I like that everything is unlimited for only $50 a month. Unlimited talk, text, multimedia messaging and internet are rated at a superb monthly value that customers cannot find anywhere else!"

-- Preston P. (Bedford, PA)

Shrinkage is great. Postpaid services lock you into a contract and force you to stay or pay up. It's great that Boost Mobile takes a different approach - Boost rewards you for staying and makes cell phone use even more affordable. Most businesses work hard to keep you as a customer, and it's great that at least one cell phone provider does the same. "

-- Andrew J. (Saline, MI)

Boost Mobile gives me all of the services of a contract plan without the credit checks, minus the 2-year commitment, and the flexibility to switch phones whenever I want without it affecting any parts of my plan. Who could ask for more? "

-- Kelita S. (Capron, VA)

Boost Mobile is a smart choice for someone like me who doesn't have a lot of money or a steady income. Boost has given me options that still allow me to have service when my income changes. "

-- Quianna B. (Grand Rapids, MI)

I think that the concept of Shrinkage is a very big step towards the perfect phone plan. People love to save money, especially during hard times. The fact that Boost Mobile customers are able to keep their plans with Shrinkage (even if they change phones) is a marvelous thing. Boost Mobile please keep the great ideas coming! "

-Sean O. (Pasadena, CA)

Thank You for making such a wonderful network so affordable. Now I get to enjoy my cell phone and pay the rent! "

-- Melissa K. (Abilene, TX)

I would like to say thank you for offering quality phones and service at a price point that is realistic in today's economy. I have been struggling to make ends meet and of the few things I can compromise on, the cell phone is not one of them. Kudos to the super reliable network at a great price!"

-- Eugene D. (Miramar, FL)

Unlimited calls, text ,web, shrinkage costs and no contract - it sells itself. Why would anyone choose any other cell phone co.?"

-- Timothy L. (Toledo, OH)

Mr. Hesse:

I felt compelled to write you because if you can win me over to being a Boost Mobile customer, you can win just about anyone over.  I was a Verizon customer for the past 13 years until last month when your employee and my good friend, Tameka President finally convinced me to switch.

Prior to speaking with Tameka, I had a negative impression of the pre-paid industry and Boost Mobile in general.   In my mind, pre-paid phones were used for individuals that did not have good credit or could not afford a regular monthly phone bill and I didn't think Boost Mobile service was reliable.    I'm in the transportation industry and I liken my view of pre-paid phones to the same view that people have of public transportation…no matter how sexy it is or convenient it may be, buses are for bums!  WRONG!  

Last month, after listening to me gripe and moan about another $200+ Verizon phone bill, Tameka finally took off her friend cap and put her Boost Mobile sales skills to work.  Over a glass of wine and dinner she convinced me to make a decision I thought I would never make…I was leaving Verizon. She told me about the recent launch of the Prevail, your first CDMA Android device.  I am a basic cell phone user. I don't need my phone to play music, shoot a movie, etc.  What I need to do is talk on the phone, receive reliable service and have basic internet access. 

But, what I got with the Prevail was such much more with its 3.2-inch touchscreen, lightweight design, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and GPS capability (I always get lost and the telenav is the best), and a slew of apps including Poynt, Facebook, Hookt, ThinkFree Office, and YouTube.  However what I gained most… was money in my pocket each month because of the savings I would have!  Tameka did the math and if I paid the one-time Verizon fee to get out of my contract or reduce my bill the their cheapest plan for the remaining of my contract, I would still save money by paying the $50 a month with Boost vs. the $200 a month Verizon phone bill.  Well it worked and on May 18th I got my Prevail, loaded my $50 Boost Mobile card and I was off and talking.

You'll be happy to know that not only did I switch, but I told my brother and he switched and bought a Prevail the next week.  It's caught on and 3 other friends have left or plan to leave their carriers too after seeing our phones and talking to Tameka.  

I thought it was important for you to know that you've gained a new customer as a result of Tameka President's wonderful sales skills and I've gained a bigger contribution to my savings account each month!  Thanks Tameka and thanks Boost Mobile!

Tia Swain
"Service Fanatic"
Event Coordinator, Office of Communications & Congressional Affairs
USDOT - Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

Comments taken from customer survey. Customers may have received minimal compensation to participate in the survey.