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Effective September 25, 2020

Consent to Use Electronic Records and Signatures. You agree to accept all communications electronically and use electronic signatures (“Consent”) with DISH Wireless L.L.C and our controlled subsidiaries, assignees, agents, affiliates, parent corporation and participating financial institutions and any entity assigning an equipment installment contract to us. Unless you agree, we are required to provide some Communications to you in a paper format.

1. What Types of Communications Will I Receive Electronically? Your Consent applies to your contractual relationship with us, including this transaction. Unless you withdraw your consent, your agreements with us, equipment installment plan contracts, lease agreements and any other written agreements between you and us (“Communications”) will be delivered electronically. We may, if we choose, require Communications to be in paper format.

2. How Do I Withdraw Consent or Change My Email Address? You may withdraw your Consent whenever you want without charge, or change your email and contact preferences whenever you want by logging in to My Account at www.BoostMobile.com. All Communications provided prior to your withdrawal of Consent are still valid. After you withdraw Consent, your future Communications with us will be in paper format whenever required by law and you can receive such paper copies as set forth in Section 3, below.

3. How do I Receive Paper Copies? You can get a paper copy of any electronic Communications at any time by printing out a copy from My Account at www.BoostMobile.com or at no charge by visiting a participating Boost Mobile store. You can call us at 1-833-502-6678 for assistance in finding your nearest Boost Mobile location.

4. Are there any Computer Hardware, Software and Other Requirements? You must have the following items and features in order to receive the Communications electronically:

  • Valid e-mail address;
  • Ability to receive SMS text messages on a device with an active phone number;
  • Computer and/or mobile device that maintains a currently supported version of an operating system, internet browser (with per session cookies enabled), and a PDF reader; and
  • Printer capable of printing text screens, if you wish to print copies.

We’ll notify you if we change the computer hardware or software requirements in a way that creates a material risk that you will not be able to receive or access the Communications. Your continued use of electronic communication after any notice constitutes your continued Consent to the change.

Confirmation of Your Consent.
By providing your Consent, you confirm you have reviewed the above and agree (1) to electronically receive all Communications; (2) to use electronic signatures; and (3) that you have hardware, software (including PDF reader), email and SMS access to receive Communications electronically. You represent that you are authorized and are providing this Consent on behalf of yourself and all of the authorized users on your account.