We Support the ACP and You

Our mission is "To connect People and Things." Although the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) has ended, we’re here to keep you connected with wireless services that fit your needs and budget. 


This is your place for ACP related updates, where we’ll keep you updated with the latest regarding the program and offer special plan discounts to help keep you connected!

ACP Overview

The ACP was an FCC benefit program that helped qualified households afford broadband or wireless services.


However, funding for the ACP ended in May 2024. To stand with our ACP customers, we're offering special discounted plans to help cover the cost of your wireless services with Boost Mobile. 


Check out our special and limited time offers in this section. We're offering a $15/month plan with Unlimited Talk & Text and 5GB of data or $15 off on select plans (below) for Boost Mobile customers previously enrolled in ACP.


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The Latest ACP News

Read quick updates on recent ACP developments

On January 11th, 2024, due to lack of additional funding from Congress, the FCC issued an order announcing the wind-down of the ACP. Funding for the program is expected to run through April of 2024.


The FCC issued a public notice announcing that the last fully funded month of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is April 2024, triggering notification responsibilities for providers. ACP households may receive a partial ACP discount from their internet company in May 2024.


After May 2024: If Congress does not provide additional funding, the ACP will not be funded and ACP households will no longer receive the ACP benefit. 


Don't worry! Boost Mobile has your back and we've got plenty of affordable plan options starting at $15/month!

What This Means for You

For New Potential ACP Customers:

  • February 7, 2024 at 11:59pm ET, was the last day for eligible households to apply and enroll in the ACP
  • Starting February 8, 2024, no new enrollments will be accepted

For Existing Customers:

  • Customers enrolled in the ACP by February 7th, 2024 will continue to receive their ACP benefits until the program funding runs out. May 2024 was the last partially funded month of the ACP
  • ACP customers received at least 3 notices from us, telling them about the end of the ACP and how it impacts them directly
  • Effective June 1, 2024, households will no longer receive an ACP discount

Heads up!
We care about keeping you connected! Keep an eye on your phone and email, we'll continue to update you about the ACP. We have affordable plans starting at just $15 per month!

Your Voice, Your Vote

Make your voice heard, Boost Nation! 

There are ongoing efforts to try to get the ACP re-funded, so let your voice be heard! Get involved and tell your local state representative know how much the ACP benefits you and your family. Together, we can help keep the ACP funded for families in need.