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Transferring Your Phone Number

Can I bring in my current phone number to Boost Mobile?

Absolutely! When you activate, we'll need:

  • Your phone number
  • Your account number with your current carrier
  • The port or transfer PIN from your current carrier
  • The exact name on your account with your current carrier
  • The exact address on file with your current carrier (including zip code)
  • The SSN on file with your current carrier

Do not cancel with your current provider until after you activate with Boost Mobile.

Make sure that your name, address, and SSN match what your current carrier has on file exactly. If there's any difference, even using a middle initial with one and not the other, it can cause the transfer to fail. Make sure to check exactly what they have on file. Once the transfer is complete, we can always update your information here.

Where can I find my current carrier's account number and port PIN?

You can find the account number by calling your current carrier or checking the top of your bill. 

You may have to call your current carrier for your port PIN.

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