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Bringing Your Phone to Boost Mobile

Is my phone compatible with Boost Mobile?

Most popular, unlocked GSM phones can be activated on our network. Check your phone's compatibility here.

For more information about eSIM compatibility, click here.

Why isn't my phone compatible?

Due to internal hardware differences, a phone designed for one network isn't necessarily compatible with another. If you need a new phone, check out available phones here or visit your nearest Boost Mobile store.

Note that available plans for new devices differ from the bring-your-own-device plans.

How do I unlock my phone?

Contact the carrier you purchased your phone from to get it unlocked.

Do I need a Boost Mobile SIM card?

A SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card is a specially programmed microchip that stores network identification data only. No personal information is stored in SIMs. It identifies your phone as a subscriber on the network.

You'll need a Boost Mobile SIM card to allow your phone to access our network. You can buy a Boost Mobile SIM kit online or at your nearest Boost Mobile store.

Will all the features still work on my phone?

Some features may vary based on device or original phone carrier. Not all plan services or device features may be available including international roaming, mobile hotspot, MMS (multimedia text messages), some browsers, some Boost Mobile products, or eCare (native account management applications). For Apple phones, domestic roaming may not be available.

What should I do if I have a hardware problem with my phone?

You can try the basic troubleshooting here. For other issues, please refer to your manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions. If you have an AppleCare agreement, please refer to the terms and conditions of your agreement.

What happens to my AppleCare if I bring my iPhone?

If you purchased AppleCare directly from Apple, it moves with your phone. Contact Apple with questions about your AppleCare coverage.

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