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Re-Boost Cards


How does a rechargeable Re-Boost® Card work?

If you purchase a Re-Boost Card that is labeled 'rechargeable' (this will be indicated on the front of the card), just call the number on the back of the card and follow the prompts to associate the card to your Boost Mobile® phone number and add the money to your account. Keep the Re-Boost Card for future use.

When you're ready to make a payment again, take your rechargeable Re-Boost Card back to the retailer where you purchased it. At the register, pay the retailer for the amount you wish to add to your account and the retailer will use your card to add the money directly to your account.

NOTE: If you ever change your Boost Mobile phone number, your rechargeable card will not work with your new number. Make sure to get a new rechargeable card and tie it to your new Boost Mobile phone number.


Does my Re-Boost Card or PIN ever expire?

Yes. Re-Boost Cards and PINs expire 5 years from the date of purchase, except where otherwise prohibited by law. Upon redemption of the card or PIN, the funds applied to your account will be subject to the Boost Mobile's terms of service available on


What if I can not read the PIN number on my Re-Boost Card or my receipt (blurry/scratched)?

You'll need to return to the location where you purchased it.  Please note that different locations will have different return/refund policies.