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I received a text message that my phone has been reported Lost/Stolen by another carrier, why did I get this message?

Your phone has been reported lost or stolen by another carrier to a wireless carrier industry database. We are required by regulatory rules to remove the device from our network until the phoneno longer has the lost or stolen classification. Only the carrier who reported the phone as lost or stolen can remove the classification from the phone. For additional information:


Why was my phone reported as lost or stolen?

Your phone was active with another carrier at one time. The other carrier has reported the phone as lost or stolen to an industry database. You must contact the other carrier for additional information on who may have reported the device lost or stolen or to request the device be removed from the database.


How do I find out which carrier reported the phone lost or stolen?

"If you are not aware of the device being previously active on another carrier, please contact Boost and we will assist you in identifying the carrier who reported the device lost or stolen. Please contact the other carrier and work with them to remove the lost and stolen classification. If you purchased your device from another carrier or 3rd party (e.g. Craig's List, eBay, etc.), please contact the other party to determine where the device was previously active and then contact the other carrier. "


I've had my phone for a long time, why would it be reported Lost/Stolen now?

A phone can be reported lost or stolen at any time. We are required by law to suspend service until the lost or stolen classification is removed.


Do I have to buy a new phone?

Potentially. If the carrier reporting the phone as lost or stolen removes the lost or stolen classification, we can restore service to the phone. If the Lost/Stolen classification is not removed, it will not work on any U.S. and many International carriers and you will need to purchase or use a different Boost Mobile phone to continue your service.


Can Boost help me get this fixed?

We will provide the name of the other carrier that youwill need to contact to remove the lost or stolen to remove the lost or stolen classification so you can use your phone on the Boost network. Please visit here to learn more about your options.