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How do I make a phone call?

To make a phone call, enter the 10-digit phone number of the person or place you are trying to call. You are required to enter the 10-digit phone number even if you have the same area code or are in the same vicinity of the person/place you're calling. (You're not charged for domestic long distance.)


How do I save numbers to my phone?

Instructions vary by phone, so if these steps don't work for you consult your user guide:

  1. Press 'Contacts'
  2. Select Add New Entry
  3. Press 'OK'
  4. Input contact's name and press 'OK'
  5. Scroll to the number field
  6. Press 'OK'
  7. Input in the number
  8. Press 'OK'
  9. Repeat steps 5 - 8 to enter additional numbers for the same contact name

How many contacts can I have in my phonebook?

The number of contacts a phone can hold varies by phone. Can vary between 100 and 1000. Consult your user guide for details about your phone.


If I change my phone, how do I keep my contacts?

If you have a 385, subscribe to Wireless Back Up to save your contacts. Also, if your phone has Bluetooth capabilities it may support transferring of contacts. See phone manual for further instructions. For all other CDMA series phones, you'll have to manually re-enter your contacts.


How do I check my coverage?

You can check by viewing the coverage maps here


Do I get charged for roaming?

No, nationwide calling is included in all Boost Mobile plans and there are no extra roaming costs. You can also make calls from almost anywhere in the United States and pay the standard call rates. Click Here to view the coverage map.


I keep hearing a rattlesnake kind of noise.

You might hear a rattlesnake type sound when the phone is near speakers. This is normal and may happen:

  • When receiving a call or message
  • During an active call
  • When changing from one cell site to another, even when you're not using the phone

To fix this, move the phone away from the speakers, or turn the speakers off when you are on a call.


When I try to make a call, my phone says 'Transmitters Off' or 'Phone Off.'

You just have to turn transmitters back on. On many phones, this is called 'Airplane Mode.'

  • Airplane Mode On = Transmitters Off = phone communication with the network is turned off.
  • Airplane Mode Off = Transmitters On = phone communication with the network is turned on.

To change this setting:

  • Click on the phone's 'Menu' key and select Settings (some phones you may have to select Settings/Tools, then Settings)
  • Select Others
  • Select Airplane Mode
  • Select ON or OFF

My phone does not ring, and I am not getting any voicemail.

Your phone may be set up to forward calls. If Call Forward is on, your phone will not ring, and you won't get any messages.

To set up Call Forwarding:

  1. Enter *72 + the 10 digit forward-to number, including area code
  2. Press the 'TALK' key on your phone
  3. You will hear three rapid beeps when Call Forwarding has been set up

To cancel Call Forwarding:

  1. To cancel, enter *720 and press the 'TALK' key on your phone
  2. You will hear three rapid beeps when your forwarding has been canceled.

I have all these voicemails, but my phone never rang.

There are a couple of possible causes:

  • Ring volume set to zero, or your phone is set to vibe mode
    • Press up on the volume key while you're not on a call (from main screen) and flip closed if it's a flip phone.

My phone has an 'Unable to Charge' message.

This message usually appears when you're using a non-compatible charger. 

About battery charging:
New batteries are not fully charged when purchased.

  1. Place the battery in the phone and plug the charger into your phone and an electrical outlet
  2. Your phone might take several seconds to start charging
  3. Your display shows 'Charge Complete' when finished

Tip: You can't overcharge your battery. It will perform best after you fully charge and discharge it a few times.


My screen is frozen and I cannot turn it off.

To correct a frozen screen:

  • Remove the battery from the back of the phone.
  • Put the battery back in and turn on the phone. This should solve the problem.

My phone answers itself.

Some phones have an Auto Answer feature that causes the phone to automatically answer every incoming call after a specified number of rings.

To change your Auto Answer setting follow the steps below:
Car Kit or Headset mode

  • Click on the phone's 'Menu' key and select Settings
  • Select Others
  • Select Auto Answer (you may have to select Answer Options first)
  • Select ON or OFF

When I close my flip phone, my calls disconnect instead of activating the speakerphone.

Most phones disconnect if the flip is closed during a call. However, some phones do allow you to change this setting, the trick is to activate the speaker phone before you close the flip. When you do this, then your call will continue even if you close your phone.