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What is Smart Contacts?

Smart Contacts is a new and improved contact management app for your Android phone. Smart Contacts will aggregate your contacts from multiple sources (for example: local address book, Google contacts, Yahoo contacts, and Facebook), merge duplicates, and surface the people you're most likely to talk to at the time you want to talk to them.


Does Smart Contacts replace my phone's regular Contacts?

No, Smart Contacts will not replace your phone's regular Contacts, and any updates to contact profiles via the Smart Contacts feature will not be reflected in your phone's regular Contacts.


Can I add Contacts from any source?

Smart Contacts supports contacts from Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. The app will link to more sources in the future.


Is there a cost for Smart Contacts?

No, Smart Contacts is a free feature available on select phones.


How do I get Smart Contacts?

Beginning 12/08/2014, Smart Contacts will be available on select phones via a software update.


What devices is Smart Contacts available on?

Smart Contacts is currently only available for the following phones:

  • Huawei Union
  • LG G Flex2
  • LG Tribute™
  • LG Tribute 5™
  • Sharp® AQUOS® Crystal
  • ZTE Warp® Elite

Where can I go for help with the Smart Contacts app?

For additional details on and help with Smart Contacts, visit