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Why do I sometimes hear a short double-tone when I'm placing or receiving a call?

If you hear two short beeps when placing a call, you've latched on to a Sprint AIRAVE® in the vicinity. The AIRAVE acts as mini-cell site, giving you better coverage for your location. Dialing *99 should confirm that you are making or receiving calls on an AIRAVE®. Learn more.


Can I buy a Boost Mobile AIRAVE®?

Currently, Boost Mobile does not sell AIRAVE devices. However, since Boost Mobile works on the Sprint nationwide 3G/4G network, some Boost Mobile devices may latch on to a Sprint AIRAVE® device nearby. Learn more.


Are calls from my Boost Mobile phone that go through an AIRAVE still private?

Wireless traffic between the mobile device and the AIRAVE uses CDMA encoding, same as on Sprint's nationwide network. Traffic that is routed over the Internet, between the AIRAVE device and Sprint's core network, uses IPSec with 3DES encryption. Learn more.


Will I be charged differently for placing or receiving calls on a Sprint AIRAVE?

You will not be charged more for than the charges outlined in your Boost Mobile plan, but there may be a delay in gathering and displaying your voice, text, and data usage. Learn more.


Can I call 911 when making calls on a nearby Sprint AIRAVE?

Yes. 911 service works with AIRAVE. However, 911 service will not be available during a power outage, ISP failure, software device updates may be limited, due to some public safety answering points not supporting location-based E911 technology. Always be prepared to report your location to the 911 operator when placing an emergency call. Mobile phones operate using radio signals which cannot guarantee connection in all conditions. Learn more.