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What's the difference between using Wi-Fi networks vs. Sprint's 3G or 4G network?

The Wi-Fi networks you connect to with your Boost Mobile device are third party networks that are not provided by Sprint, and they can be subject to different terms of service or privacy policies. Your use of such networks is subject to any applicable terms of service or privacy policies.

Additionally, an unsecured, open Wi-Fi network may pose risks of which you should be aware. Wi-Fi networks may allow third parties to collect data sent between your device and the Internet over the Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, you should be cautious when using Wi-Fi networks to access websites that may require you to input usernames or passwords; payment or financial information; or other sensitive or personally identifiable information.

Boost Mobile suggests that you: (1) be aware of the type of Internet surfing you are doing and the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, and (2) avoid sending personally identifiable, or other sensitive information over the Internet when utilizing untrusted Wi-Fi networks.


What are the benefits of using Wi-Fi?

Turning on your smartphone's Wi-Fi connection is a great way to make the most of your wireless data experience - it's faster and it puts less strain on your battery. With Wi-Fi on, you can discover and connect to wireless networks and talk while you surf the Internet. If you're in a building and your 3G signal starts to lag, just jump on a Wi-Fi network to get up to speed fast.

Remember, battery savings depend on network configuration, usage patterns and many other factors.

Wi-Fi is turned off when you initially use your phone.


Why should I turn on Wi-Fi?

  • Wi-Fi provides the ability to have a data & voice session running simultaneously, so you can talk and surf the web at the same time
  • Improved battery life when connected to Wi-Fi signal
  • Increases in-building data coverage by utilizing home or local Wi-Fi hot spots

How do I make my device find the same Wi-Fi hotspots every time?

When you use a Wi-Fi network, your device will remember it. Then, each time you return to the area covered by that network, your phone will connect automatically if Wi-Fi is enabled.


When I leave my Wi-Fi hotspot area, what happens?

Your voice calls will not be impacted. Your data session will pause and restart automatically on either 3G or 4G.