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Wireless Web


What is Wireless Web?

Wireless Web is a service on your mobile phone that lets you access the mobile internet. You can browse a wide variety of web sites to access news, weather, social networks and more.


How do I add Wireless Web?

Wireless Web is included in our monthly plan and Daily Unlimited plans. If you are a grandfathered Pay As You Go customer and would like to add it to your account, you can do so from My Account.


How do I use Wireless Web?

Click on the 'Web' key or Web option from the 'Menu' key.

All phone models will let you enter a URL or perform a search for a web site by selecting Options with the right soft key. Depending on your phone model there are also other features you can access under Options.  The right soft key is the key under the screen on the right side.


Can I save a favorite website?

Yes you can save a favorite web site URL. This is sometimes called a bookmark.

There are a few ways to save a URL on a CDMA series phone.  You can usually find the option while you are in the wireless web browser by clicking on the right soft key and selecting 'Add a favorite' or 'Add Bookmark.'