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What is the Trade & Save Program?

The Trade & Save Program, powered by Brightstar, allows you to trade in most of your old or unwanted phones (regardless of carrier or manufacturer) in exchange for a credit toward a new phone or accessory.

If your phone doesn't qualify for a credit, you can still recycle it through the Sprint Project Connect program that helps to fund Internet safety for kids.

Note: Please be sure to back up all your files and erase/delete all the information on your phone prior to using the trade-in program. Once a phone is traded it cannot be returned.


Can I trade in a phone from a carrier other than Boost?

Yes, the Trade & Save Program offers trade-in credits for many phones from other carriers. You can check eligibility and the trade-in value at any of our participating Boost Mobile stores.

Note: If your device doesn't qualify for a credit, you can still recycle it with Sprint Project Connect to help fund Internet safety for kids.


How can I participate in the Trade & Save Program?

  1. Visit your local Boost retailer.
  2. Ask if your current phone qualifies for an in-store credit towards the purchase of a new Boost phone.
  3. Purchase your new Boost device and trade in your old eligible device.

Note: If your device does not qualify for a credit, you can still recycle it with Sprint Project Connect to help fund Internet safety for kids.


What if I would rather have an account credit instead of a discount towards an in-store purchase?

If you prefer to receive an account credit, simply visit our online Boost Mobile Buyback site and follow the on-screen instruction. Visit


Can I use the credit I receive for my trade-in at a different time?

No. All credits must be used same day during the time of the Trade-in transaction. In addition, any unused portion of the credit will be forfeited. (e.g. credit amount is $60. New phone purchased is only $49.99 before credit is applied. $10.01 is forfeited.)


May I also recycle my accessories?

Yes. We encourage environmentally safe disposal of all wireless electronic products. If you do not have the ability to dispose of these items appropriately, we encourage you to bring them into the store or send them in with your phone(s). No additional incentive is offered for accessories.


What happens to all my personal information on my phone?

It is your responsibility to delete all information from your phone (including the memory card) before you submit it for Trade & Save. Boost will not be held responsible for removing information or data from your phone. Here are eight simple tips to help you erase your personal information:


How do I delete contacts/remove personal information from my device?

See your device's instruction manual or the manufacturer for more information on how to delete all of your information or data. If you do not have the instruction manual, there is help available at and


How long does the Trade & Save process take?

The instant credit is applied immediately towards the purchase of a new phone or accessory.


What charities benefit when I recycle phones with Sprint Project Connect?

Sprint donates the net proceeds from the sale of phones to fund and promote Internet safety for kids. Sprint partners with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the National Education Association Health Information Network, and the Family Online Safety Institute to provide free tools, resources and information to help kids make safer and more informed decisions online. For more details, visit