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What is CallWatch and how does it work?

CallWatch is a Call and Text blocking service. Customers can download the CallWatch app and subscribe to CallWatch for $2/mo to get real-time alerts on all suspicious and unwanted incoming calls and text messages. 

Key features include:

  • ScamBlock: automatic detection and blocking of scam calls
  • Unlimited call blocking
  • Unlimited real-time caller ID
  • Unlimited reporting of abusive numbers
  • Unlimited reverse number lookup
  • Real-time call interaction with CallWatch Call Center
  • Ability to block calls by name (all known numbers used by the same company)
  • Ability to report abusive calls and texts directly to federal agencies

What phones and plans are eligible for a CallWatch?

CallWatch is a $2/month service that is available for purchase on all Android phones with 4.4 KitKat or higher version operating system. It is only available for monthly plans. Currently, it is not supported on iPhones nor is it available for Tablet or Wi-Fi Hotspot products.


How do I add CallWatch to my monthly plan?

You can add CallWatch for $2/mo by visiting My Account.  You will also need to visit Google PlayTM to download the CallWatch application to begin the service.

If you download the CallWatch application from Google PlayTM first, then you can also add $2/mo CallWatch from the menu>Upgrade within the CallWatch application. This will attach the $2/mo charge to your monthly reoccurring Boost Mobile services.

Please remember your account must have sufficient funds to cover the cost of the add-on service along with the cost of your monthly plan.


Can I have CallWatch in addition to Call Screener Plus?

Since CallWatch provides a full feature set of Caller ID as well as blocking services, we don’t allow CallWatch and Call Screener Plus to be subscribed to at the same time.  Call Screener Plus provides a network based Caller ID experience but does not have blocking/ reporting to federal agencies, nor the reverse number look up capabilities at this time.


Can I try the product before I buy it?

Yes, if you download the CallWatch application from Google PlayTM, you can use the features (except for Caller ID) for a 7-day Free trial.

Before the trial ends you will be notified of the free trial end date within the CallWatch application on the 5th day of the trial, as well as after the trial has ended. You will be offered the ability to purchase the CallWatch monthly service at that time.


After the Free Trial how do I sign up for CallWatch?

Go into the CallWatch application, add $2/mo CallWatch from the menu>Upgrade. This will attach the $2/mo charge to your monthly reoccurring Boost Mobile services.

Or you can visit My Account and add the $2/mo charge to your monthly reoccurring Boost Mobile services.


Who do I contact with more questions, like how do I unblock?

Within the CallWatch application you can get additional help and tutorials on how to use the service.