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CDMA Network Migration FAQs


I heard that my phone may not work beginning in January of 2022. What does that mean?

Boost Mobile has historically provided talk, text and data on the Sprint network. In June of 2020, we transitioned to the T-Mobile network as part of T-Mobile’s acquisition of Sprint. T-Mobile plans on shutting down existing Sprint cellular towers, which means customers who use phones that access the old Sprint network will no longer receive service.

If you’ve received a message from Boost Mobile asking you to upgrade, you may still be using the Sprint network. To take advantage of Boost Mobile’s Expanded Data Network, you’ll need to either upgrade your phone or switch to a new SIM card before the tower shutdown in January 2022.


What are the benefits of the Expanded Data Network?

Our Expanded Data Network offers a stronger signal, more coverage and faster speeds! The 4G LTE signal is strong and reliable, covering 99% of Americans. You’ll experience faster upload and download speeds, and you’ll be able to talk and surf the web at the same time!


How do I get on the Expanded Data Network?

We’re dedicated to ensuring our customers have the best service possible, and transitioning to our new Expanded Data Network is the best way to do that. Each customer is unique, so we have a solution for you based on your account. Go to your nearest Boost Mobile store to find out more.


What if I’m already on the Expanded Data Network?

Great news: If you’re already on our latest and greatest network, there’s no action needed on your part.


How do I know which network I’m on?

To find out which network you’re on, log in to My Account and click “View Coverage” on your dashboard. If it opens the Nationwide map, you’re on the old Sprint network. If it opens the Expanded Data Network map, you’re on the new network.


What is required to get on the Expanded Data Network?

All you need is an eligible phone and a new SIM card. If you already have an eligible device, we can send you a free SIM card so you can make the swap at home and start utilizing the Expanded Data Network! There is no cost to you and there will be no charge to your current plan.


How do I know whether my phone is eligible for the Expanded Data Network or if I’ll need a new one?

Head to your nearest Boost Mobile store or call us at 1-866-402-7366 to see if your phone is compatible with the Expanded Data Network. If it isn’t, you’ll have until early next year to upgrade to a new one. Ready to upgrade now? We’ve got a great selection of affordable phones that will work on the Expanded Data Network, and we’ve got exciting promotions running right now to help you save even more!


How long do I have to transition to the Expanded Data Network?

You don’t have to switch right now, but we want to make sure you’re taking advantage of a better network experience as soon as you can. When you’re ready to take advantage of the upgraded Expanded Data Network, please visit your nearest Boost Mobile store and we’ll be happy to assist you.