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Expanded Data Network Plans


What is the new $35 Rate Plan?

MRC Talk & Text Data Mobile Hotspot
$35 Unlimited 10 GB, capped Enabled, draws from Data


Can anyone activate on this plan?

Yes, any NEW customer can select this plan on the Expanded Data Network.


Can I build a family plan with this plan?

The $35 10 GB plan is single line only, and is not combinable with any other plan.


What does ‘Capped’ data mean?

Once the plan’s allotted data has been depleted, the customer will no longer have the ability to access data.


Will I be notified when I’m close to using all my data?

Yes, you will receive a message when 85% of your data has been consumed and again when 100% of your data has been consumed.


What is the new $hrink-It! Rate Plan?

MRC Talk & Text Data Mobile Hotspot
$45 Unlimited 15 GB, then reduced to 2G speeds Enabled, draws from Data

The $hrink-It! plan will allow you to see your monthly payment amount "shrink" by $5 when you make 3 on-time payments, for a total ‘$hrink-It!’ up to $10/month after 6 on-time payments.


How does a customer on a $hrink-It! Plan get to a lower MRC?

After the customer has made three on-time payments, the customer’s new MRC will shrink to $40/month.

Once the customer makes three more on-time payments while on the $40/month MRC (six TOTAL on-time payments), the customer will then move to $35/month, the lowest monthly rate the customer can achieve. The on-time payments don’t have to be in consecutive months to qualify as an on-time payment.

The key component is that payments are made on time. If a customer is late making a payment, they do not earn an on-time payment for that bill cycle, but the next on-time payment will count.

For example, if the customer made two on-time payments in the first two months, made a late payment the third month but made an on-time payment in the fourth month, the customer’s MRC will drop in the fifth month.


Can I build a family plan with these plans?

The $45 $hrink-It! plan is single line only, and is not combinable with any other plan.


If I switch to another plan but come back to the $hrink-It! plan, do I lose my on-time payment history and/or lower monthly plan cost?

Yes, if you’re on the $hrink-It! plan and have accumulated successful on-time payments towards achieving a lower $hrink-It! monthly plan but decide to move to a non-$hrink-It! plan and later come back to the $hrink-It! plan, you will lose any discounts previously applied.


Does the first payment during activation count towards the first three on-time payments?

Yes! Just by activating and paying for your first month of service, you’re already one payment closer to your goal!


What does data ‘Speeds Reduced to 2G’ speeds mean?

The data that comes with each plan performs at the full speed available of the network (data speeds vary depending on a variety of factors, including environment, local network coverage, network congestion, device, etc.). When a plan is reduced to 2G speeds, you will still receive data but your speeds will be reduced which may result in longer download times and degraded streaming capabilities for the remainder of the billing cycle or until a High Speed Data Pack has been applied.


Can I purchase additional high speed data once my data speeds are reduced to 2G?

Yes, there is a recurring high speed Data Pack add-on offering an additional 1 GB of additional high speed data for $5 or 2 GB of additional high-speed data for $10. Customers may have both a $5 and $10 add-on at the same time. Data Packs do not include Hotspot usage.


Details About All New Plans:

All new plans will only be available on the Expanded Data Network.


Are taxes still included in these plans?

Yes! The total monthly plan price includes services, taxes, and fees built into the MRC.


Can I refresh my high speed data before my next MRC is due?

Yes, you may complete a Plan Restart on the $35 Rate Plan or the $45 $hrink-It! Plan to access high speed data again. Plan Restart allows you to restart your monthly plan and your plan's subscription add-on services before the end of your current month of service. By restarting your plan and paying your total monthly payment amount before the payment date, your plan services (and recurring add-ons, if any) will be reset.


Can these plans access 5G data speeds?

The following plans can access 5G data speeds on the Expanded Data Network as long as the customer has a 5G compatible device within a market offering 5G service.

  • $35 for 10 GB
  • $45 for 15 GB $hrink-It!

Visit for detailed coverage information.


How can I best manage my data usage so my data speeds are not reduced?

Connecting to your home or public Wi-Fi whenever available will not draw from your plan data. Please remember public Wi-Fi’s may not be secure and may not protect you when you access them. Boost Mobile’s Secure Wi-Fi provides a safer and more efficient way to use unsecure and password-protected Wi-Fi networks. When enabled, it will encrypt the data you transmit for just $2/mo.


Do these plans offer free streaming music? TIDAL?

Yes, TIDAL will still be offered as a trial service. Usage on both TIDAL and music streaming web sites will count against data usage.


Do these plans offer HD video streaming?

No, these plans include mobile optimized streaming. Mobile-optimized streaming delivers a high-quality experience for mobile devices. Streaming is mobile optimized with video streams at up to 480p+ resolution and music streams at extreme quality up to 500 kbps. Streaming cloud gaming is limited at up to 2 Mbps.

You can add HD Buy Up resolution streaming for only $10/line/mo. With this premium quality mobile streaming experience, you get to enjoy:

  • HD-quality streaming videos at up to 1080p+
  • HD music streaming at up to 1.5 Mbps and
  • Gaming streams at up to 8 Mbps


Does this plan offer Stay Connected?

Yes, customers who miss their payment date can receive incoming text messages and incoming domestic voice calls only. Outgoing calls, outgoing text messages and data are blocked.

  • Calls to 911 and Boost Mobile Care (611) are allowed.

Does this plan offer 50 minutes of domestic voice roaming?

Yes, it include 50 minutes of domestic voice roaming but currently, it is only available on Android devices.