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Can I bring my own device and activate it on one of these Mobile Hotspot plans?

Eligible bring-your-own devices are the following:

  • Alcatel LINKZONE 2
  • Franklin Mobile Hotspot T9
  • Coolpad MetroSMART
  • Hotspot Puck


How many WiFi-enabled devices can I connect to my hotspot-capable device?

Dual-mode 3G/4G mobile hotspot capable devices can connect up to 16 WiFi enabled devices.


Can I change my current Mobile Hotspot plan to a different Mobile Hotspot plan?

Yes, you can change to a lower or higher priced Mobile Hotspot plan. During initial activation, if you decide to do a plan change the same day, the plan change would take effect immediately. If the change is not made during the initial activation, the plan change would be future dated to the next monthly bill/recurring charge date.


What happens if all the Mobile Hotspot data allotment is used up before it expires?

If the allotted high-speed data on your plan has been completely consumed, your speeds will be reduced for the duration of your monthly rate charge cycle.


Can additional high-speed data be purchased?

Yes, one-time and recurring data packs for continued high-speed data usage can be purchased for $5 for 1GB and $10 for 2GB. Should you use up this additional high-speed data before your next monthly bill/recurring charge, your speeds will be reduced for the remainder of your cycle.


Can I see how much of the Mobile Hotspot data allotment I've used?

Yes, you can see your high-speed data usage by logging in to My Account.


Are taxes & fees included in the Mobile Hotspot plan price?

Yes, taxes and fees are included in the plan price