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What is Money Center?

Money Center is a central location from which you can access various third party mobile commerce services easily. Currently, there are three mobile commerce services available:

International Mobile Recharge
Enables you to add funds to a family member’s phone account on most other wireless networks located in another country

Pay My Bills 
Enables you to pay most of your bills, such as natural gas, cable, phone and electric bills from the convenience of your phone.

International Money Transfer
Enables you to transfer funds to friends and family members to most countries around the world.


How do I access Money Center and mobile commerce services?

Money Center is available only on CDMA Series phones except for BlackBerry phones.

From your phone:

  • Launch the Web browser or Boost Zone
  • Select “Money Center”
  • Select a mobile commerce services you want to use

Where do I get more information about the mobile commerce services?

Visit the mobile commerce service provider’s FAQ page listed below.

International Recharge (provided by TransferTo):

Pay My Bills (provided by Secure Card Signup or Ria Billpay, as indicated below):

International Money Transfer (provided by Xoom or Western Union, as indicated below):


What do I do if I have a problem using the services?

Contact the mobile commerce service provider via email or phone:

International Recharge: 1-800-693-0570 FREE

Pay My Bills:

International Money Transfer: