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Non-Boost (off-portal) Content


What is off-portal content?

Off-portal content is any content (text, alerts, ringtones, games, and applications) that is not directly distributed by Boost Mobile through your handset.


Can I add non-Boost (off-portal) content to my phone?

To ensure quality and prevent customer support issues, we suggest you only purchase content that is available through your Boost Mobile phone. Boost does not guarantee or support the content available from off-portal providers. However, it is possible to download some off portal content to your Boost phone.


How is non-Boost (off-portal) content billed to my Boost Mobile account?

Off-portal content is setup as a recurring monthly subscription. You will receive a text message that will debit your account for the subscription amount that you sign up for. Each month, your account will be charged and money will automatically be taken out of your account until you cancel your subscription. Standard text messaging rates will also apply.


I keep getting billed each month for an alerts subscription. How do I cancel my non-Boost (Off-Portal) subscription?

In many cases, you can reply 'STOP,' 'STOP ALL' "CANCEL,' 'END,' 'QUIT,' or 'UNSUBSCRIBE' to the alert and your subscription will automatically be cancelled. If this does not work, you should contact the alerts provider and ask them to cancel your subscription.