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What is OnMo Express?

OnMo Express is a mobile app that gives users unlimited access to a large catalog of Ringback Tones. For a monthly subscription fee, you can assign Ringback Tones to specific callers to play once (on the next incoming call) or as your default tone for all callers. In addition, users can select the specific section of a song or audio clip that they want their callers to hear.


On what devices and price plans can I use OnMo Express?

The OnMo Express app is available to all Boost Mobile price plans on an Android or iOS device.


How much does OnMo Express cost?

OnMo express includes a 30 day free trial. At the end of the free trial, the service renews automatically at $2.99 unless you opt out of the service before the renewal date.


What do I get for the $2.99 subscription?

For $2.99 per month, you get access to an unlimited catalog of music Ringback Tones, movie quotes, name tunes and status tones. There is no restriction on the number of Ringback Tones you can set for your callers and no other charge than the monthly subscription price.


How do I un-subscribe from OnMo Express?

You can switch to the free Basic plan by visiting your account settings from the Profile page in the app, and clicking “Change plan.” To un-subscribe completely, go to Profile > Your account settings and select “Delete Account” or text STOP to 7284.


Is OnMo Express an add-on? How do I pay for it?

OnMo Express is not an add-on and is not included in your monthly service payment amount. The OnMo Express monthly charge is deducted automatically from your existing account balance every month as long as you have enough funds to pay for it. If you do not, you will not be able to access the OnMo Express service until your monthly subscription charge has been paid.


What is the difference between my existing Boost Mobile Ringback Tones subscription available via the Boost Mobile Music Store and OnMo Express?

The following table lists the key differences between the two services:

Ringback Tones
Services Comparison
Boost Music Store ONMO Express
Monthly Recurring Chanrge $0.99/mo
Or $5/mo for 3 RBT's
Charge per RBT $1.99/RBT for 6 months $0
Unlimited access No
$1.99/RBT for 6 months
Yes, all RBT's
Free Trial 30 days
Limited non-copyright content
30 days
All content
Content/Tones Music only Music, Names, Status (driving, meetings, etc), Movie & Sports quotes, create your own
Catalog size 95k tracks (pre-cut) 150k full tracks and growing (potential of 2M)
Unique caller tunes Yes Yes
Select part of a track No Yes

Can I subscribe to the Boost Mobile Music Store Ringback Tones service and OnMo Express at the same time?

No. You can only have one active service at any given time. If you want to activate OnMo, you will need to discontinue your existing Music Store Ringback Tones before you can sign up for OnMo Express.


What is the Cut-Your-Own Ringback Tone feature?

ONMO Express allows you to select a specific part of a song or audio clip to play for your callers or by default. This is done within the app using a simple selection tool that streams a preview of the selected audio while you slide a 30 second section backward or forward to create the clip you want.


What are the content types available as Ringback Tones on OnMo express?

In addition to music Ringback Tones, ONMO Express offers users various options.

Jingles – Variations of the traditional “ring-ring” sound with different genre inspirations.
Status Tones – These Ringback Tones let the callers know when you are driving, traveling, in a meeting, sleeping, etc.
Name Tones – A selection of personalized tones featuring hundreds of the most common male and female first names.
Music Tones – Top songs from all genres are available as both ready-made and Cut-Your-Own Ringback Tones.


What is the Ringback Tones history?

OnMo Express allows you to see the history, your call log, and call settings and can be found on the Communication page. You can see what tones have been set, what tone is set as the default and as one-time tones.


What is One-Time Ringback Tone?

OnMo Express enables you to set a Ringback Tone for the next call of a specific caller. This Ringback Tone will be played only once when the caller next calls you. After that, the settings revert to the default Ringback Tone set for all callers.


Can I transfer my subscription and settings if I change my phone number?

No, the service cannot be transferred between phone numbers. You need to unsubscribe from the first number and re-subscribe using the new number. All settings will have to be personalized again.


Will my account transfer automatically if I change my device phone but keep the same phone number?

Yes, all the settings are maintained in the database even if you change your device. After you subscribe to ONMO Express on your new phone with the same phone number, you will retrieve all your settings.


Can I change my name and profile details after registration?

Yes. The name can be changed anytime in the app in the Profile tab->Your account->Name


Will I lose my settings if I unsubscribe and subscribe again later?

Yes. If you unsubscribe from the service, all custom settings are lost and cannot be restored.


Can I suspend my subscription temporarily?

No, the service cannot be suspended temporarily.


Is there any grace period if the monthly renewal charge fails?

No, the user is downgraded to free plan if the monthly subscription charge fails on the renewal date. We will inform the subscribers that their subscription has been downgraded, but it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that they have an adequate balance on the day of renewal to have uninterrupted access to their service.