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Some Add-Ons are not available with all phones/networks. To view all Add-Ons compatible with your current plan, log in to MyAccount.


What is PlayPhone?

PlayPhone is a social, gaming application that gives Android users access to hundreds of free-to-play and premium games that can be added to your Boost Monthly plan.


What is included with the PlayPhone application?

PlayPhone features a large number of games at various price points, including many that are free to download and play.


Is PlayPhone available for all Boost Mobile plans?

PlayPhone is available for monthly Boost Mobile smartphone plans only on the Nationwide Network that include data services (and compatible devices as detailed below).


Is the PlayPhone available for all Boost Mobile devices?

PlayPhone is available for Boost Mobile Android devices with Android 4.0 and above only on the Nationwide Network.


How much does PlayPhone cost?

You can purchase 750 Playcredits for $5/mo. or 3,000 Playcredits for $10/mo.


How do I subscribe to PlayPhone?

Subscription to the PlayPhone add-on is the same as for any other monthly plan add-on. If you are a new customer, you can subscribe during the activation process in-store or online at You can also download from the Google Play Store. If you are an existing customer, you can add the monthly subscription online via My Account (web and smartphone)


How do I purchase Gaming Playcredits/Tokens?

  1. From the Home screen, select the Playcredit Balance banner at the bottom.
  2. Select from the two options.
  3. Tap Yes I agree.
  4. Enter the Purchase Key.
    • Purchase confirmation message appears.

What is a Purchase Key?

A Purchase Key is a method of verification that is owned and managed by PlayPhone. This Key must be used to confirm that any purchase made within PlayPhone is being made by an authorized user or owner of the device.


How do you set up the Purchase Key?

As a subscriber to PlayPhone, you will be automatically prompted to set up your Purchase Key when you attempt your first purchase.


What happens if a customer can't remember their Purchase Key?

You are able to reset the Purchase Key from the device by accessing the Key reset options. Select Settings > Account Management > Purchase Key > Reset Key.


What is available within Manage Settings?

Use the Manage Settings menu to manage the following functions:

  • Changing the purchase Key
  • View Purchase History
  • Manage subscriptions
  • View payment history
  • Review privacy terms and conditions
  • Edit Gamertag
  • Get Help from PlayPhone
  • View PlayPhone version number

How do I unsubscribe from PlayPhone?

You can unsubscribe from PlayPhone the same way as for any other add-on, via My Account (web and smartphone). You can also unsubscribe within the PlayPhone app by going to the Billing link on the PlayPhone Gamers home page and then selecting the Unsubscribe link.


Who do I contact with more questions?

For further PlayPhone troubleshooting assistance select the PlayPhone Settings > Help section.