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Secure Wi-Fi Plus

General Application FAQ’S


What is the Boost Secure Wi-Fi Plus trial and what is expected from me?

  • We’re unveiling our new Secure Wi-Fi Plus app and we want you to try it out – for FREE. Thank you for being one of the first customers to experience enhanced Wi-Fi like never before.
  • During this trial period use your phone as you normally would. Everything runs automatically in the background to Protect and Enhance your experience.
  • If you do experience an issue with this app please review the ‘How can I tell the app is working?’ and ‘Basic troubleshooting and reporting an issue’ portion of the FAQ’s.

How long will the trial run?

  • This trial will run until May 31st. At the end of this trail you will be prompted on your device to take a brief survey about your experience.

Boost Secure Wi-Fi Plus has three great features:

  • Secure Wi-Fi protects your data privacy when using Wi-Fi by automatically encrypting unsecured content and ensuring your connection is safe.
  • Wi-Fi Bonding improves your experience by using both Wi-Fi and Cellular data, creating seamless handoffs and eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones.
  • Optimize enhances most streaming video services for your device to reduce stalls, buffering and interruptions.

What phones and OS versions are supported?

  • iOS Phones: The application is available for download from the Apple App Store on iOS phones running iOS 10 and higher
  • Android Phones: The application is downloadable from the PlayStore on many new mobile phones activated after August 1, 2018 running Android 4.3 or higher

How can I tell if the app is working?

  • The app will run in the background and you are able to see it is running in the notifications area at the top of your device. You will also see occasional notifications when status changes in the app and as you connect and Disconnect to Wi-Fi.

    • On iOS you will see the [VPN] text shown in the status bar.
    • On Android you will see a Symbol that looks like a Key in the status bar.

  • Please note that each feature can be turned on/off individually for troubleshooting purposes, however we ask that you keep all three services On during this trial. Note that Wi-Fi Bonding and Secure Wi-Fi operate while you are connected to Wi-Fi and Optimize operates when you are connected to Cellular.

Does the application impact my battery?

  • Boost Secure Wi-Fi Plus uses very little battery power itself so your overall battery usage will be approximately the same as before you installed the app. However, your operating stats will show Secure Wi-Fi Plus as using more battery than it really does. This is because data traffic is going through this app using the VPN Permission on your device and how the OS handles stats.

    • The Operating System (OS) estimates battery usage based on how much data is sent/received by an app. In other words, the OS is simply shifting the blame for data/battery usage from your actual apps to this one. Internal OS stats allocate all battery consumption of every app that uses the network (including the VPN permission), even though this apps actual impact on battery life is negligible.
    • Actual battery rundown rates in real use and lab tests have been proven to be in the 1% range.


Are there any restrictions on where the app can be globally?

  • No. The application can be used anywhere you travel.

Basic troubleshooting and reporting an issue

  • Reporting an issue with the application is performed by tapping the Menu (upper right of the app) and then tapping ‘Report problem’. Please check the FAQ’s before submitting an issue. When reporting a problem please be as specific as you can.

    • Note only App specific issues should be reported and all Billing, Service or Device related issues will not be responded to.

Secure Wi-Fi


What is Secure Wi-Fi?

  • The Secure Wi-Fi service provides a safer and more efficient way to use both unsecure and password-protected Wi-Fi networks by reducing the risk of your personal and sensitive data being compromised. Now you can email, browse and stream safely on Wi-Fi networks. Secure Wi-Fi is the smart and efficient solution not only protecting you, but also optimizing your device’s performance while in protected mode.

How Does Secure Wi-Fi Work?

  • Secure Wi-Fi is a service that automatically detects when you access a Wi-Fi network, and when enabled, will encrypt the data you transmit before it leaves your phone to ensure your privacy and protection.

Does Wi-Fi encrypt traffic that is already encrypted?

  • No, Secure Wi-Fi only encrypts unsecured (HTTP) traffic.

Does the Secure Wi-Fi service slow down my network connection?

  • There may be a slight reduction in speed due to the encryption used to protect your data.

While I am connected to Wi-Fi, will I still be secure?

  • Yes, while on Wi-Fi, as long as the Secure Wi-Fi feature is enabled, your traffic will be automatically encrypting your Wi-Fi traffic in the background, providing you the security you’ve come to expect without compromising your personal and sensitive data.

Why am I unable to access the internet on some public Wi-Fi networks?

  • Many public Wi-Fi networks require you to login first before allowing Internet access. You can do this by opening a browser. Make sure you have completed the login process.

Wi-Fi Bonding


What is Wi-Fi Bonding?

  • Wi-Fi Bonding helps provide an optimal Wi-Fi data experience by automatically and seamlessly leveraging cellular data to boost your data performance wherever you experience slow or no data over Wi-Fi. Now you can browse, enjoy media or look up directions on a map app without interruption as you move between Wi-Fi networks like at home and the cellular network, or transition between Wi-Fi networks. Not only do you get the benefit of an uninterrupted data session, you also still enjoy the security provided by the Secure Wi-Fi feature, so you are without risk of compromising personal and sensitive data.

How Does Wi-Fi Bonding work?

  • Wi-Fi Bonding runs transparently in the background on your device and detects when your Wi-Fi network is slow or the signal level is too poor for sending data, and it will automatically and simultaneously leverage the cellular channel to augment the Wi-Fi channel so your data session performs at the best possible overall speed, while remaining constant and uninterrupted.

Will Secure Wi-Fi Bonding affect my internet access or how my Device connects to Wi-Fi?

  • Wi-Fi Bonding will not change the way your Wi-Fi network itself operates. Your device and operating system control the Wi-Fi connections, Bonding will enhance the way your device behaves on Wi-Fi by automatically detecting when there are problems with the Wi-Fi connection. So, if you have a poor Wi-Fi signal or if the Wi-Fi is too congested, it will simultaneously leverage cellular to boost your overall data performance. This also helps with the “driveway problem,” where being at the edge of the Wi-Fi may be unusable and it will make this transition seamless as you continue browsing or try using an application that requires immediate data while in a “dead zone.”



What is Optimize?

  • Optimize will enhance most video services so you can watch streaming video with fewer interruptions, buffering or stalling. Optimize will also reduce the amount of data needed to watch most streaming video services.

How does Optimize Work?

  • Optimize is an on-device feature that works across most streaming video services to reduce video buffering, stalls and interruptions. Most streaming video will be optimized to around 480P, which looks great on your device, and uses 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 of the data compared to a 1080P or higher stream.
  • Note: Optimize runs when you are using Cellular Data, it does not run when you are connected to Wi-Fi.