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What is Tracker + Safe & Found?

Tracker + Safe & Found provides comfort by knowing you won’t lose track of what’s important to you. It’s a simple tracking device that you can attach to your kids, vehicles, pets, bikes, luggage or nearly anything for real-time location tracking while the device is on the Sprint 4G LTE Network. The device works with the Safe & Found application to show you real-time tracking and deliver personalized alerts to any Android or iOS smartphone, tablet or even a web browser virtually anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

With Tracker + Safe & Found you can be notified anytime your loved one, or valued possession, enters or leaves a designated covered area you define with the Tracker attached. As well, you can locate your tracker, ring the tracker with an audible tone, detect changes in light, send family members alerts and much more. Click here to learn about all of the great benefits offered by Tracker + Safe & Found.

You can also click here to launch a demo of the Tracker + Safe & Found experience.


Where can I get Tracker + Safe & Found?

Boost customers can pick up a new Tracker at a Boost store, on or by calling 866-402-7366.

At this time, Tracker + Safe & Found is available to Boost customers only


What is a Safety Area?

Within Safe & Found you can pick a covered point on a map and then draw a circle around that specific point. That circle is known as a Safety Area (or geofence). With Safety Areas you can receive notifications when anyone or anything carrying the Tracker enters or leaves a Safety Area.

You have the ability to add and remove Safety Areas and turn on or off Safety Area alerts. However when they’re enabled, you can check:

  • if your kids made it to school
  • if an elderly family member has left the vicinity house
  • if a pet has wondered off
  • if your car or any other valuable has been moved without your permission


Where does Tracker + Safe & Found work?

The Tracker communicates on the Sprint LTE network. Click here to see the coverage map. Zoom in to the area you are inquiring about and use the legend to see Sprint 4G LTE coverage only. The Tracker may NOT work in LTE extended coverage (roaming).

If you’re traveling domestically or internationally, you can always check the location and get alerts from your Tracker if it is still located in the United States.


Can the Tracker make noise so it’s easier to find?

Yes. From within Safe & Found, click on “Ring” in the Tracker detail page and the Tracker will emit a buzzing should so it becomes even easier to find. Once you’ve found the Tracker, simply tap the power button on the Tracker to stop the ring.


What is a light sensor?

The Tracker has a built in light sensor and can notify you if it detects light. If you’ve ever wondered if hotel housecleaning goes through your luggage, wonder no more!

You have the ability to turn the light sensor notification on and off as desired.


What is an SOS alert?

By quickly pressing the power button three (3) times, you can send a message to others in your Safe & Found family. The alert will share your location and let them know that you need assistance.


Can I use Tracker + Safe & Found on an airplane?

Given that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations change from time to time, travelers should check FAA guidelines and the airlines prior to taking a Tracker on an airplane.


How do I setup Tracker + Safe & Found?

Setting up Tracker + Safe & Found is easy. Once you have your activated Tracker in hand, simply download the Safe & Found app from Google Play or App Store to get started. The app will guide you through the rest of the set up and customization options. You can also refer to the Quick Start Guide that comes in the box with the Tracker.


Does the Tracker need another device in order to find its location?

No, the Tracker has everything built into it in order to determine where it is located. It does not rely on other devices to identify its location.


How does the Tracker determine its location?

The Tracker utilizes GPS, cellular towers and nearby WiFi networks so it can reliably provide real-time location.

The location is easily displayed on a map within Safe & Found. As with any GPS enabled device, you may notice improved location accuracy when outdoors. However with Tracker’s multi-factor positioning options, you should always have a clear indication of where your valued items, or loved ones are.


How long does the battery last?

There are many contributing factors that impact battery life. However you can expect a charge to last much longer than a typical smartphone. For most customers a charge will last between 3-10 days.

To increase battery life, you can:

  • increase the time between location check points (in the app Settings menu)
  • remove Safety Areas

You will receive a low battery notification when the battery has 15% power remaining. We recommend that you charge Tracker at this point to ensure that it functions without interruption.


Can the Tracker be moved between the items that mean the most to me?

Yes, you can move the device between valuables and/or individuals. For example, put it in your luggage when you travel & re-attach it to your bike when you return home.


Does the Tracker receive updates?

Yes, the Tracker will periodically check for and install software updates automatically. As well, every time you power cycle the Tracker, it will check for firmware updates.

Safe & Found updates are published to Google Play and App Store and update according to your phone’s settings.


Can I see multiple Trackers on the same map?

Yes. If you activate multiple trackers on your Boost account, you can see and manage all of them within your single Safe & Found account.


How can I cancel my Tracker Subscription?

Go to a Sprint store or contact Sprint Care to ask to have your Tracker service canceled.


How do I know if my Tracker is on or off?

Quickly press the power button all the way down. If the light flashes yellow your tracker is on.

If the light does not flash yellow, press and hold the power button for 3-5 seconds and the light should flash red and beep. This will let you know that the Tracker has been turned on.

If the light does not flash upon quick or long press of the power button, place the tracker on the charger and you should see a yellow light. Once the light turns to green, your tracker is fully charged and you can press and hold the power button to turn it on.


What do I do if my Tracker is “not responding” within Safe & Found?

  1. Confirm your tracker is powered on.
  2. Confirm your tracker has sufficient battery.
    1. Plug in your tracker, solid yellow (charging) or solid green (fully charged)
  3. Perform a Locate Now or Ring from within the application
  4. Confirm that your tracker is still paired to your Safe and Found application
    1. From the application, navigate to the desired Tracker and select Ring

How do I reset my Tracker?

Press and hold the power button on the Tracker for 23 secs to reset factory defaults. Note: After resetting your Tracker, you will need to re-pair the tracker to your Safe & Found account.


How do I charge my Tracker?

Using the charging cable that came with the Tracker, align the 4 charging terminals on the charger with the charging terminals on the back of the Tracker. The charger has magnets to help align it properly on the Tracker.

When connected to the charger, the light on the tracker will be solid yellow (charging) or solid green (fully charged).


What devices can I follow with Tracker + Safe & Found?

The Safe & Found allows you track single, or multiple, Tracker devices via one single sign in. If you also subscribe to the family services of Safe & Found, you can also track up to 5 additional handsets or tablets.


What is the difference between the “Safe & Found” product and “Tracker + Safe & Found” product?

The difference between the two products are some features as well as what devices can be tracked.

The Safe & Found product is a software application that provides a robust service to track the location of smartphones, tablets, and Tracker devices. With the full version of Safe & Found, you are able to add and track up to a total of 5 phones or tablets, plus any number of Tracker devices. In addition you can set personalized notifications, enable parental controls, and much more. Please note that Tracker devices are sold separately. To learn more about Safe & Found service, click here.

Tracker + Safe & Found offers several of the same benefits of the Safe & Found standalone service, however this service is tailored specifically for the Tracker device. This version works only with Tracker and offers the great benefits of location services.

If you want to track smartphones and tablets in addition to Tracker devices, then you will prefer the Safe & Found product. Simply sign up for Safe & Found.


Do I have to have a Sprint smartphone or tablet in order to get Tracker + Safe & Found?

Yes, currently Tracker + Safe & Found is available to Boostmobile smartphones or tablet customers.


Is Tracker + Safe & Found safe to use outside?

Yes, Tracker + Safe & Found designed to support all of your tracking needs. It can be used inside and outside. It meets IP67 standards for dust and water resistance.


What’s in the box and what accessories are available?

In the box, you will receive the Tracker, a lanyard for easy attachment to nearly anything, a charging cable, activation instructions and a Quick Start Guide.


What if I want to return my Tracker + Safe & Found?

We believe that you’ll find great value in Tracker + Safe & Found, however if you find that it’s not for you, don’t worry. You may return the device within the return window.