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What is the Visual Voicemail App and upgrade options?

  • The Visual Voicemail App lets you visually manage your voicemails. It comes preloaded on your phone.

  • With Basic you can review and listen to voicemail messages in any order.

  • Upgrade to Premium & get features like no in-app ads, transcription into text, and ability to forward to email.

What is included with each of the Visual Voicemail Basic and upgrade options?

FREE Basic Visual Voicemail
  • Review & listen to voicemails in any order
  • Includes in-app ads
$0.50 No-Ad Basic Visual Voicemail
  • Basic visual voicemail features
  • No ads
$2.99 Premium Visual Voicemail
  • Basic Visual Voicemail features
  • Voicemails transcribed into text
  • Auto forward voicemails to email
  • No ads

How do I add a Visual Voicemail upgrade options?

  • You can purchase or cancel the Visual Voicemail upgrade options from the Visual Voicemail app.

  • Select one of the upgrade options by opening the Visual Voicemail App and selecting Menu > Settings > Preferences > Manage subscription.

  • Visual Voicemail upgrade options are available to add onto monthly plans, and the on-going subscription charge will be added to your monthly payment.

  • At this time, Visual Voicemail upgrade options are not available to purchase or cancel in My Account.