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What is Monthly Unlimited with Growing Data?

With our Monthly Unlimited Plans with Growing Data, you can earn 500MB of extra high-speed monthly data after every 3 on-time payments. Up to 3GB after 18 on-time payments.

Plan 4G LTE High-Speed Data Grow Your Data
$35/mo. 2GB 5GB
$45/mo. 5GB 8GB
$65/mo. Unlimited

All of these monthly plans include:

  • Unlimited Talk, Text and Data - Unlimited domestic talk, text (including text, picture and video messaging), and data (at applicable 3G/4G high-speed data allotment).
  • Mobile hotspot - Up to 8GB of data to share with others when you turn your phone into a hotspot when in a coverage area.
  • Unlimited music streaming without data charges - Stream music through your Boost Mobile smartphone without it counting against your high-speed data allotment (see our current music partners.)
  • Free incoming calls and texts if past due - Free incoming domestic voice calls and texts for up to 60 days if you are not able to pay (learn more.)

How Growing Data Works

After every 3rd on-time payment, we’ll increase your next month’s data allotment by 500MB, up to a total of 3GB. That means if you make 18 on-time payments in a row, you will increase your plan’s data allotment by 3GB. We will send you a free text message whenever we increase your monthly data allotment.

Phone Upgrades and Plan Changes

If you upgrade your phone, you’ll keep the data you’ve earned on your Growing Data plan.

If you want to change from a $35 plan to a $45 plan, you’ll keep the data you’ve earned. However, if you change from a $45 plan to a $35 plan, you will lose the data rewards you earned while on your $45 plan, and the Growing Data counter will start over when you change to the $35/mo. plan.

Enroll in Auto Re-BoostSM

Auto Re-Boost is the easiest way to make sure your account stays on and active. Register a credit or debit card to automatically make a payment according to the type of plan you're on.

On your monthly payment date, the entire cost of your monthly plan will be automatically charged to your registered credit or debit card, even if you have money in your account balance.

To enroll in Auto Re-Boost, login to My Account:
  1. After you log in, click on the Payments tab and select the Managed Saved Payment Method link on the right in the box labeled Payment Settings.
  2. Here you will be able to add your registered credit or debit card and enroll in Auto Re-Boost.