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Important Service / Product Specific Terms

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Plan and Service Information



Message rates are charged when a message is sent or received, whether read or unread, viewed or unviewed, solicited or unsolicited. Premium and international messages may result in additional charges.


Interactive Directory Assistance

The following rates shall apply: $2/call.


Accounts With Multiple Lines (aka “Family Plans”)

The first phone activated will be the primary line. If the primary line is canceled, another line on the account will be the primary line and responsible for payment or the family account will be converted to individual accounts/lines.


Location Based Services (LBS)

LBS requires account holder authorization for Boost to share location and other information with third parties. The account holder must notify users that location can be identified while using LBS. Environment may limit LBS.



Additional fees may be charged for number changes, market transfers, equipment change requests and certain other transactions.


Account Funds, Payments and Cancelation

Funds can be added to accounts using an approved payment method. Charges are not refunded if canceled or prorated if changes are made before the next payment due date. Unused services expire every month and do not carry forward. Max. $200/transaction & account balance cannot exceed $400. No funds transfer between accounts. Funds are withdrawn from accounts on monthly payment date & when incidental services are used (e.g., third-party content purchase). Insufficient funds will result in service suspension; accounts must become current within 120 days of suspension or account will be cancelled and funds and the phone number will be lost. Payment may be processed using other available funding sources, including registered credit/debit cards. Reactivation fees may apply to resume service after cancellation.


Advance Payment 

Funds will be applied automatically to the next monthly service payment when they equal or exceeds the payment amount. Advance payment may be cancelled in My Account up to one hour before the payment is due.


Third-Party Content

Customers can purchase 3rd-party content on a one time or monthly basis from Boost and other entities. Subscribers are responsible for all content, including content purchased by others on the account. Purchases can be blocked at no additional cost by calling Customer Care. Payments for purchased mobile content are deducted from the acct. balance & charges display in the online account.


Resale and Domestic Service

Our rate plans, customer devices, services and features are not for resale and are intended for reasonable use within the 50 United States, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.


Off-Network Roaming

The availability of roaming services is dependent on your device and plan. Not all services (i.e., data, text, etc.) may be available when roaming. Roaming coverage, services and rates are subject to change at any time without notice.


Permitted and Non-Permissible Uses

You may use our network for: live voice calls for personal use, messaging and data (web, email, file transfer, apps, social media, gaming, streaming content). You are not permitted to use your device or services, including, but not limited to, in any way that: (1) is fraudulent, unlawful, infringes on intellectual property rights, harms or unduly interferes with the use of our network or systems or other parties’ resources; (2) uses services for commercial use (including, without limitation, monitoring, telemarketing, autodialed calls, unauthorized marketing, connections consisting of uninterrupted live dialogue between people or sharing your wifi hotspot for public use or sale); (3) is determined by Boost, in its sole discretion, to be considered “traffic pumping” (as such term is commonly understood in the telecommunications industry), SMS marketing and/or reselling of services (or any portion thereof), data or plans; (4) utilizes devices that are incompatible with our network (that will be blocked); (5) results in or may result in continuous mobile to mobile or mobile to landline call session connectivity (for clarity, even if on an Unlimited Plan) and (6) is necessary to protect our customer's or network's interests. Calls for commercial purposes (e.g., chat lines, wifi or broadcast lines) may be subject to additional charges or result in termination of service, in Boost’s sole discretion. Boost reserves the right to terminate immediately and without further notice any accounts or users engaging in any non-permissible uses



Data Limitations and Performance

With certain plans, data speeds may be slowed when the plan’s applicable data allotment is reached. During this time, data access will be limited for the remainder of plan cycle and slowing webpage loads, file downloads, and streaming media. Speeds will be restored at the beginning of the next month’s plan cycle. Usage amounts available in My Account.


Dialing and Number Assignment

7-digit dialing is not available in any area, all calls must be made using 10-digit dialing. From time to time, we may assign a telephone number to a subscriber from outside of the subscriber's home rate center. This may result in long distance charges to the wireline customer's phone that is dialing the Boost customer's phone.


Quality of Service (QoS) for Boost Mobile Customers

To help protect against the possibility that unlimited data plan customers that use high volumes of data may occupy an unreasonable share of network resources, Boost employs network prioritization, network traffic management or QoS on the Boost network. Boost reserves the right to de-prioritize or to reduce the speed available to customers on unlimited data handset plans on or after July 18, 2020, or customers who choose to upgrade their handsets or activate new lines of service on or after July 1, 2020, and are on unlimited data plans, that use more than 30GB of data during a single billing cycle (QoS Threshold). Certain grandfathered plans may have a higher or lower QoS Threshold. Data speeds may be slowed down to 2G speeds for the remainder of that customer's billing cycle. Affected unlimited data customers will continue to be able to enjoy unlimited amounts of data without the worry of overage charges. Customers subject to de-prioritization may experience reduced throughput and increased latency compared to other customers on the constrained site and as compared to their normal experience on the Boost network. Unlimited customers may also notice changes in the performance of data intensive applications such as streaming video or online gaming when subject to de-prioritization or the reduction in speeds. In the situation where the traffic is de-prioritized, the performance will return to normal as soon as the resource constraints have been relieved or the customer has relocated to a non-constrained location. Unlimited data customers potentially subject to lower QoS will be notified when their individual data usage reaches approximately 85% of the QoS Threshold so that they may modify their usage to avoid network management practices that may result in slower data speeds. We will also notify customers when they have reached the QoS Threshold and are now subject to de-prioritization or their speeds are reduced. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Agreement, Boost reserves the right to immediately terminate, with or without notice, the service plans of any customers who take any action (intentional or inadvertent) that results or may result in circumvention of Boost’s QoS policies and procedures.




Wireless Emergency Alerts

Boost elects to offer free wireless emergency alerts (WEA), including enhanced geo-targeting, on parts of its network coverage area on WEA-capable devices. WEA, including enhanced geo-targeting, may not be available on all devices, in all Boost coverage areas, or when a customer is outside of our network. Find out more information about WEA and WEA-capable devices, including availability and benefits of enhanced geo-targeting, from your sales representative or visit Wireless Emergency Alerts

Text to 9-1-1 

IN AN EMERGENCY, WHENEVER POSSIBLE, CALL 9-1-1. Where available, text-to-911 service may allow standard SMS text message communication with a 9-1-1 call center. Delivery or receipt of messages is not guaranteed and messages may fail, be delayed or be out of sequence. Text-to-911 may only be available in certain limited areas where it has been requested and implemented by local public safety officials. The service is not available when roaming and may be limited or unavailable by a number of circumstances, including, but not limited to, wireless network coverage, network congestion, power outages, the 9-1-1 call center's ability or willingness to receive and respond to text messages, and/or other technical limitations.


Be prepared to provide your precise location to emergency responders.

Legal Process and Other Disclosures

By using any Boost service, you agree that Boost may access, monitor, use or disclose your personal information or communications to comply with the law or respond to legal process or lawfully authorized governmental requests, including but not limited to requests made under exigent circumstances; protect the rights or property of us, our agents, members, our customers, and others including to enforce our agreements, policies and terms of use, and respond to emergencies. Personal information we collect includes information you give us, such as name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, social security number or other government identification number, demographics, activities, location information, payment information, and personal preferences.


For more information about how Boost collects and uses of your personal information, please carefully review the information provided in our Privacy Policy.

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