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Family Plan Updates

How can I leave a Family Plan?

If you’re looking to leave the Family Plan, call Boost Mobile Customer Care at 833-50-BOOST (833-502-6678) to move to your own account.

What's changing with my Family Plan?

With your upgraded account tools, you’ll notice some changes in how you manage your account. All numbers will still be on one account under one account holder and we’re working to make management as easy as possible.


Family Plan

New Multi-Line Plan

Billing and Payments

Each line has an individual billing account

Only one billing account that covers every line on the account

Multiple account balances and payment methods to keep track of

A single account balance and a single place to manage all your payment methods

The primary account holder is responsible for paying the bill for the plan.

Secondary account holders are responsible for one-time charges


The main account owner manages billing and payment for the plan, including any extras

Device Promotions

Device financing may be available for each line

You can purchase your device outright and not worry about monthly payments

Leaving the Family Plan

Lines can leave and port without letting the rest of the plan know

Lines can only be removed from a multi-line account with the port information from the main account owner

Subscriber Data & Permissions

Each phone number has unique account information you need to keep track of

One set of login information to remember to access the account information


Notifications may be sent to lines on the account

Notifications are sent to the main account holder

Add a Line

The primary account owner can add a line to the family plan

Only the main account owner can add a line to the plan


Any account holder can call in for customer support

Any line can call care for support as long as they have the security PIN
Account Merging Primary account owner can add a line to the family plan All lines need to be added when the account is set up
Change Plan Each line can make plan changes and could result in splits from the family plan Main account owner can make plan changes for all lines

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