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Secure WiFi

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What is Secure WiFi?

The Secure WiFi application provides WiFi network encryption, creates seamless handoffs between WiFi and cellular networks, eliminates WiFi dead zones and reduces cellular video streaming buffering and stalls.


  • The secure feature automatically detects when you access a WiFi network, and when enabled will encrypt the data you transmit before it leaves your phone to ensure protection and privacy.
  • The bonding feature detects when the WiFi network is slow or the signal level is too poor to send data. It will automatically and simultaneously leverage the cellular channel to augment the WiFi data session while the connection remains constant and uninterrupted. 
  • The optimize feature enhances most video streaming services at around 480P, which reduces stalls, buffering and interruptions while also reducing the amount of data needed to watch.

How much does Secure WiFi cost?

Secure WiFi is $2.00 per month and will automatically renew each month until you remove it. 

Is Secure WiFi available for all Boost Mobile devices?

Secure WiFi is available on Android phones running on 5.0 or higher.

What is an unsecure WiFi network?

An unsecured wireless connection is one you can access without a password. Public networks offered in cafes, retail stores and parks are often open and unsecured.

Does Secure WiFi encrypt traffic that is already encrypted?

No, Secure WiFi does not encrypt data that is already secure. Double encryption and tunneling it to a VPN server can create app/service-related issues with services like banking and streaming video apps. This approach also has a lower device processor impact and runs more efficiently while consuming less battery.

Why am I unable to access the Internet on some public WiFi networks?

This may occur for several reasons:


  • Many public WiFi networks require you to login first before allowing Internet access. You can do this by opening a browser. Make sure you have completed the login process specific to the public WiFi network you are trying to access.
  • You could have a poor WiFi signal. Move to an area where the signal strength is stronger.
  • Internet access could be impaired due to high WiFi network congestion caused by too many devices on the network.


Why does my phone automatically connect to a WiFi network?

Your phone may be automatically connecting to WiFi networks that use the same name as a network, or is a network that you have connected to previously (e.g., Starbucks, CableWiFi, Boingo, etc.).

Does Secure WiFi run all the time?

Yes. Secure WiFi monitors your network activity, so it can automatically detect when you connect to a WiFi network and protect your WiFi sessions when needed.

Does Secure WiFi affect my battery?

Secure WiFi has minimal battery impact.

Does the Secure WiFi service slow down my network connection?

There may be a slight reduction in WiFi speed due to the encryption used to protect your data.

Are there any US or international location restrictions when using Secure WiFi?

No. Secure WiFi can be used anywhere you access a WiFi network.

How can I tell if the app is working?

The app will run in the background and you are able to see it is running in the notifications area at the top of your device. You will also see occasional notifications when status changes in the app and as you connect and Disconnect to WiFi.

  • On Android, you'll see a symbol that looks like a key in the status bar.

Each feature can be turned on/off individually. Bonding and Secure operate while you are connected to WiFi and Optimize operates while you are connected to cellular.

How can I make sure I have the latest version?

Please download and update to the latest version of the Boost Mobile Secure WiFi app from the Google Play Store to ensure you have the best protection.

How can I troubleshoot or report an issue?

You can report an issue with Secure WiFi in the application by tapping More info and then tapping Report problem.

  • Please check all FAQs before submitting an issue.
  • When reporting a problem, please be as specific as you can.
  • Please submit only Secure WiFi application specific issues.

While I am connected to WiFi, will I still be secure?

Yes, while on WiFi, as long as the Secure feature is enabled, your traffic is automatically encrypted, providing you the security you have come to expect without compromising your personal and sensitive data.

General known issues with a VPN and data encryption

A few known VPN issues:

  • Some direct WiFi services, like connecting to a printer, TV, or security camera may not work when a VPN is active.
  • Some games, especially those that do direct player matches, will not work with a VPN. This is mainly due to the fact these games are not using encrypted data connections.

To temporarily disable the Secure WiFi VPN and use these apps and services follow these simple steps: 

  1. Open the Secure WiFi app then tap on the Enable toggle switch in the upper right of the app to Disable.
  2. Connect to the printer and complete the task.
  3. Open the Secure WiFi app then tap on the Disabled toggle switch in the upper right of the app to Enable.

Will bonding affect my internet access or how my device connects to WiFi?

WiFi bonding will not change the way your WiFi network itself operates. Bonding will enhance the way your device behaves on WiFi by automatically detecting when there are problems with the WiFi connection.

If you have a poor WiFi signal or if the WiFi is too congested, it will simultaneously leverage cellular to boost your overall data performance.

This also helps with the “driveway problem,” where being at the edge of the WiFi may be unusable and it will make this transition seamless as you continue browsing or try using an application that requires immediate data while in a “dead zone.”

How do I turn off Secure WiFi app notifications?

Select Settings then Notifications. Tap Secure WiFi. Select Turn off notifications to disable Secure WiFi notifications on your phone. 

How do I cancel my Secure WiFi subscription?

To cancel your subscription please contact Boost Mobile Customer Care. Please chat with us or give us a call by dialing 611 from your Boost Mobile Phone or calling 833-50-BOOST (833-502-6678).

Please note, if you cancel your subscription you will not be able to subscribe again at this time.

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