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What is Boost Mobile's device unlocking policy?

You can find Boost Mobile's device unlocking policy here


What does it mean for my device to be 'locked'?

The term “locked” typically refers to a device that can only be used with Boost Mobile on the DISH Wireless network and cannot be activated on a competing carrier’s network.  An “unlocked” device is no longer locked to Boost Mobile services and the user may attempt to activate it on another carrier’s network.  There are generally two scenarios for device unlocking:

Domestic SIM Unlocking ("DSU"): A device may be referred to as "locked" if that device was manufactured with the programming restrictions that prevent another carrier's SIM card from being inserted into the SIM slot for use on a different network. Generally, most smartphones launched after February 2015 are DSU-capable - meaning the SIM slot can be unlocked for potential usage on other carriers in the United States. Even if unlocked. DISH Wireless DSU-capable devices may not work on another carrier's network. Whether an unlocked DISH Wireless device can be used on another carrier's network is subject to that carrier's policies and network compatibilities. MSL Unlocking: A device is "locked" if it is manufactured with a type of disabling software and a locking code (referred to as "Master Subsidy Lock" or "MSL"). Generally, MSL locks were utilized on devices launched before February 2015. DISH Wireless can provide the MSL code to eligible customers, however this does not mean that the device will be able to be successfully used on any other carrier domestically. Whether another carrier will accept and activate a device on its network is subject to that carrier's policies and compatibilities.


Can I share a UICC card between two phones?

UICCs may not be shared between two devices. Each UICC is assigned to a transceiver (device) and paired together. Users may not simply pop a UICC out of one device and use it immediately in another device. This is known as 'pop and swap'. Boost Mobile specifically activates and checks for the paired equipment when connecting to the DISH Wireless network.


How can I unlock my device?

Eligible customers can request a domestic SIM unlock and/or request the associated MSL Code by contacting Boost Mobile Customer Care at 1-833-50-BOOST (833-502-6678)  FREE .


Will Boost Mobile notify me when my device is eligible to be unlocked/has been unlocked?

No.  Boost Mobile elects to post its unlocking policies and procedures online.  However, if you believe you meet the above requirements and would like to request that your DSU-capable device be unlocked and/or request the associated MSL Code, contact Boost Mobile Customer Care at 1-833-50-BOOST (833-502-6678)  FREE .


I have the MSL code for my device. Does that mean that my device is unlocked?

No. DISH Wireless can providethe MSL code to eligible customers to provide to their intended carrier. Whether another carrier is able to or will reprogram a device is subject to that carrier's policies and practices.


I've been told by another carrier that Boost Mobile needs to unlock my SIM slot in order to use my phone on the other carrier's network.

For DSU-capable devices (generally devices and device models launched February 2015 or later), Boost Mobile will unlock the SIM slot for devices that are eligible.   If you believe that your device is eligible to be unlocked and want to request a domestic SIM unlock, contact Boost Mobile Customer Care at 1-833-50-BOOST (833-502-6678)  FREE .

It is important to note that not all devices are capable of being unlocked, often because of the manufacturers' device designs. Specifically, devices and device models manufactured prior to February 2015 cannot be unlocked to accept a different domestic carrier's SIM for use on another domestic carrier's network. Boost Mobile has no technological process available to do this.  


I am a former Boost Mobile customer or was never a Boost Mobile customer but have purchased a Boost Mobile device from a third party other than Boost Mobile. Can I have the device unlocked or receive the MSL code?

For individual owners who can provide the Boost Mobile telephone number or account number last associated with the device, Boost Mobile may be able to unlock the device and/or provide the applicable MSL Code, provided the device is eligible under the applicable policy.  If a device is not eligible for any reason, a non-Boost Mobile customer requestor may be required to work with the original purchaser and/or the person from whom the requestor purchased the device to ensure any financial or device eligibility criteria are met.  Customers are strongly encouraged to contact Boost Mobile about a device’s unlock eligibility before purchasing through a non-Boost Mobile channel as Boost Mobile cannot share any information regarding an unauthenticated account.

This policy is subject to change without notice at Boost Mobile's discretion. Updated.


If I’ve requested my device be unlocked, is there anything I should/should not do to ensure the unlock request processes?

The unlock request can take up to two business days to process for devices not currently under a BoostUP! installment plan. During that time, the following steps can help ensure the request processes properly:

Android Devices

  1. Ensure the SIM card remains in the device (removing or replacing the SIM card will cause the unlock request to fail)
  2. Ensure the device is powered on and within Boost Mobile network coverage area, or at minimum connected to a Wi-Fi network
  3. Upon receiving notification that the device is unlocked, check the UICC unlock, as follows:

    UICC Unlock: Go to Settings > System > System updates. UICC unlock or go to Settings and search for UICC Unlock. Tap UICC unlock for a settings refresh.

    If UICC unlock is not available, try updating the data profile as follows.

    Update Profile: Go to Settings > System > System updates > Update Data Profile

Please note: Performing an ##RTN# function on an Android device will re-lock the device to Boost Mobile.

Apple Devices

If Unlock issues occur with Apple devices after Boost Mobile confirms we have unlocked your phone.

  1. Ensure the device is powered on and within (Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile)’s network coverage area, or at minimum connected to a Wi-Fi network
  2. Back up your phone.
  3. Restore your iPhone to factory settings.
  4. Restore your iPhone from a backup.