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What is Quality of Service (QoS)?

Boost’s QoS helps protect against the possibility of unlimited data plan customers using high volumes of data that may occupy an unreasonable share of network resources. Currently, customers who exceed 35GB of data during a single payment cycle may experience a temporary slowing of their network performance during the remainder of the billing cycle.


What is changing with QoS?

For customers on unlimited plans on or after July 18, 2020, or customers who choose to upgrade their handsets or activate new lines of service on or after July 1, 2020, and are on unlimited data plans, that use more than 35GB of data during a single billing cycle, Boost reserves the right to reduce the speed available to a customer down to 2G speeds for the remainder of that billing cycle.


Why is my plan changing?

Users with unlimited plans are still able to use unlimited data. But, we are making certain speed updates for the small percentage of Unlimited customers who use more than 35GB of data during a billing cycle.


Will I be notified when I’m close to my 35GB data threshold?

Yes, you will receive a message when 85% of your 35GB data allotment has been consumed and again when you reach 100%.


What does data speed reduction mean?

When you deplete your plan’s applicable high-speed data allotment, we will reduce the throughput data to 2G speeds for the remainder of your plan’s billing cycle. During this time, you may experience longer load times for certain web pages and downloads as well as a slower streaming experience from some content providers and/or applications. However, any speed changes will not impact or affect your ability to make phone calls or send text messages from your phone. Your data speeds will be restored at the beginning of your next plan cycle. If you can't wait, you can restore your high-speed data by, (1) restarting your plan or (2) purchasing a supplemental Data Pack.


Can I add more data?

Yes! Customers can purchase supplemental Data Packs as an add-on or bolt-on to continue to access high speed data. A customer has the option to purchase in the following increments: $5 for 1GB of high speed data; $10 for 2GB of high speed data.


How can I best manage my data usage so my data speeds are not reduced?

Connecting to your home or public Wi-Fi whenever available will not draw from your plan data. Please remember public Wi-Fi’s may not be secure and may not protect you when you access them. Boost Mobile’s Secure Wi-Fi provides a safer and more efficient way to use unsecure and password-protected Wi-Fi networks. When enabled, it will encrypt the data you transmit for just $2/mo.