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Subpoena Contact Information


CATEGORY 1For General Civil Subpoenas/Lawyer Requests: (NOT FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT USE) 


For General Civil Subpoenas/Lawyer Requests: 

Please email requests to:


CATEGORY 2For ONLY Law Enforcement Subpoenas, Warrants & LEA Emergency Requests (NOT FOR LAWYER/CIVIL USE)


Please contact Subsentio at:


Emergency Requests Contact Information

For Law Enforcement requests pertaining to exigent or life-threatening matters, you must call Subsentio at:

Voice Contact: (877) 510-4357, Option 1


Historical Metadata Records Requests

Records Production (RP) Service Requests:

RP Team

Office:  (877) 510-4357, Option 2

Fax:  (703) 953-3643



Lawful Surveillance Court Orders Contact Information

Validation and Implementation for Lawful Surveillance:

Law Enforcement Liaison Division (LELD)

Office: (877) 510-4357, Option 5


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