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Multi-Line Plans

What options does Boost Mobile offer for multi-line plans?

New Boost Mobile customers can add up to 4 additional lines to their account on any available rate plan.

Add a line on the web, in the BoostOne app, or by visiting a Boost Mobile store.

The $60 Unlimited Plan (with AutoPay) and the $50 Unlimited Plan (with AutoPay) offer discounted pricing on additional lines (in-store only).

What's the benefit of a multi-line plan?

By activating a multi-line plan, you may be able to get a better value for your money with a lower cost per line when compared to individual lines with the same benefits. The $60 Unlimited Plan (with AutoPay) and the $50 Unlimited Plan (with AutoPay) offer discounted pricing on additional lines (in-store only).

Can each line on my account have a different plan?

Yes, you can mix and match plans on a multi-line account.

How do I change one plan on my multi-line account?

  • Go to your account Dashboard and select the line you want to update. 
  • Scroll to the Plan section and click Change Plan to see the available plans for that line. 
  • Select Choose Plan on the plan you want. Upgrades will require an additional payment for the remainder of your current payment cycle.
  • Click Continue to finalize your changes and make any additional payments needed.

Can I mix and match monthly plans with multi-month plans?

No. Multi-month plans cannot be mixed with month to month plans.

How often can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your plan as often as you want. You can downgrade your plan online once every six months. If you need to downgrade your plan again, chat with us or give us a call at 833-50-BOOST (833-502-6678) to make changes.

Can current Boost Mobile customers merge onto one multi-line plan?

We’re currently unable to merge current single-line accounts into one multi-line account. 

If existing Boost Mobile customers want to move to a multi-line plan, a new multi-line account with new phone numbers for each customer will need to be established.

Can I add or remove a line on my multi-line plan?

Yes, you can add up to 4 additional lines on your account and you can remove a line at any time.

New lines must be added to the existing plan on the account but can be changed any time after the initial addition. If you originally set up your service in-store, you may need to add any additional lines in-store, depending on your plan.

If there are multiple plans on the account, the one that was added or changed most recently will be what new plans will be added to.

Phone numbers moved from multi-line plans cannot be moved to single-line accounts at this time. If you want to move from an existing multi-line account, you'll need to create a new single-line account with a new phone number.

If I remove a line in the middle of my payment cycle, do I get a refund?

Removing a line will only go into effect at the start of your next payment cycle. The line will remain active until the end of your current payment cycle.

Where can I view available single-line plans?

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