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High Performance User Equipment (HPUE)


What is High Performance User Equipment (HPUE)?

A:  HPUE is an innovative breakthrough phone technology that the Sprint Network Team took a leadership position in developing. This technology is now available to Boost Mobile customers.


What are the Benefits of HPUE?

A:  HPUE-capable phones have more powerful hardware and software that enable the Network to use its spectrum more effectively and improve data coverage in more locations, including indoors where people use their phones the most.


Why do we need HPUE?

A:  The Network’s 2.5 high-band spectrum is super-fast but the signal doesn’t travel as far. HPUE expands our 2.5 GHz spectrum to reach 90 percent of the indoor coverage available today with the 1.9 GHz spectrum (up to 30% more coverage will be provided on capable phones). HPUE also enables phones to remain on 2.5 longer.


Will I need a new phone to experience HPUE?

A:  Yes, because HPUE is a new phone-based technology.


What phones have HPUE capability?

A:  Boost has several Android phones that support HPUE technology. Please check the phone details pages to see which phones have HPUE.

At this time, Apple has not announced plans for HPUE-enabled phones.