What Boost Mobile is Doing in the Community

By Boost Mobile

calendar icon Published September 22, 2023

Community engagement should be an important focus for every business. Helping each other, and working and celebrating together makes us all stronger. At Boost Mobile, we are strongly rooted in the communities that support us. Here are ways we intentionally build community connections.

Boost Mobile Community

Hardworking Heroes

Boost Mobile celebrated Labor Day Weekend by recognizing hardworking, everyday heroes. Events at participating Boost Mobile stores included free food and live music. We had a blast!


XvsX Sports teams up with Boost Mobile to deliver affordable wireless to underserved communities

XvsX Sports and Boost Mobile partnered together to ensure that basketball players at all levels, in all communities, have access to the XvsX app and affordable wireless services and phones. With our phones, service and this great app, players can:

-        Connect with basketball enthusiasts, pros and influencers

-        Find basketball game hosts, players and gyms

-        Search by skill level and interest

-        Play in competitive games and contests

-        Receive unique offers and discounts


Boost Mobile stores as election-day polling places

Our right to vote is incredibly important. Boost Mobile previously turned its stores into polling places. When we did so in 2016, it was the first time a brand offered up its private storefronts as election polling places.



In 2020, Boost Mobile donated all profits from their refurbished phone sales between the 19th of October and 1st of November to SurfAid. The money raised was enough to provide a year’s worth of access to clean water for families in remote villages in Indonesia.


Affordable Cconnectivity Program

Boost Mobile helps make broadband access more affordable with ACP. Qualified applicants will get a discount up to $30 per month toward internet service for eligible households and up to $75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal lands.


Free health care services

In 2021, Boost Mobile became the first wireless carrier to offer free health care services. We partnered with K Health to ensure millions of underinsured subscribers and their families have access to world-class doctors, anytime, anywhere, from their phone.


Boost Mobile is proud to be a member of, and to support, our communities. With all the positive benefits that have already come from these community events, we can’t wait to see what the future holds. What Boost Mobile community event most excites you? We hope to see you there!



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