How to Transfer Your Number to Boost Mobile

By Boost Mobile

calendar icon Published September 22, 2023

Ready to switch to Boost Mobile while keeping your current number? The fear of losing your number can often be the scariest part of switching carriers — if something goes wrong, you can lose your number for good. To prevent that, here’s the ultimate guide to transferring your phone number to Boost Mobile. 

Step 1. Gather Essential Information

Before you dive into the confusing world of number transfers, gather the following information:


●      Your current phone number and carrier account details

●      Your new Boost Mobile plan and SIM card

●      Your old carrier's account number and PIN

●      Patience (and a touch of optimism!)


Step 2. Check Compatibility

Before making the leap, ensure your current phone is compatible with our network. Most unlocked phones should work, but it's always good to double-check your phone’s compatibility.


Step 3. Backup Your Data!

You don’t want to lose any important data during the switch. Make sure to back up your contacts, photos, and any other important apps. Cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) or a trusty ol’ USB cable can do the trick.


Step 4. Contact Your Current Carrier

Call your current carrier and inform them about your intention to transfer your number. They’ll provide you with your account number and PIN. They might twist your arm with a last-ditch offer to get you to stay, but remember, you’re switching to Boost Mobile for a reason!


Step 5. Activation Time

Insert the new Boost Mobile SIM card into your phone and follow the activation instructions provided by your new carrier. Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to insert your SIM if you need help. This is the moment when your number actually begins to transfer.


Step 6. The Waiting Game

Now’s when patience pays off. Number transfers can take a few hours or even a day. However, most number transfers to Boost Mobile happen within a few minutes. During this time, your old phone may still work while your new phone is being prepped for action.

Step 7. Testing, Testing…

Once you receive confirmation from Boost Mobile that your number has been transferred, test everything! Make calls, send texts, and browse the internet to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Step 8. Out With the Old

Now that your new phone (and old number) are up and running on Boost Mobile, it's time to say goodbye to your old carrier. Cancel your old plan to avoid any unnecessary charges.


Step 9. Celebrate Your Success

You did it! You successfully transferred your number to Boost Mobile and you're ready to go.



In the grand scheme of things, transferring your phone number to Boost Mobile is pretty simple. With the right preparation and a bit of patience, you can seamlessly switch to Boost Mobile without losing your number.



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