More Megapixels Means Better Photos

By Boost Mobile

calendar icon Published November 13, 2023

You can’t put a price on a good memory, and a good photograph makes it easy to surround yourself with wonderful memories. So, how do you get the best photograph? Let’s look at some options.

Comparing iPhone vs. Androids

Everyone wants to know which phone is better. Consider these facts when making your decision.

Megapixels (MP)

If you Google “megapixel smartphone”, you’ll see a lot of people want to know if megapixel count matters when it comes to smartphone cameras and, if it does, how many megapixels do you need for the best photos?


The short answer is: more megapixels means better photos.


So, if megapixels matter to you, take a look at the count offered by each model.

iPhone 11 Pro offers 12MP
iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Moto G 5G both offer an incredible 48MP
The Galaxy S23 tops that at 50MP

Camera apps

When it comes to the native apps available on a phone, people are split across the board as to whether they think iPhone or Android is the better choice.


As far as third-party apps, Google Play might have more apps available than the Apple Store, but not every app is created equal. More doesn’t always mean better. If you want a high-quality editing tool, or the perfect app for your social media photos, take a look at your options before you pick your phone. 

Photography modes

iPhones and Androids both offer many of the same basic photography modes. This includes photo, video, slo-mo, portrait, night, widescreen, and action. Switching between these modes gives you more control over how your photos turn out, while not requiring you to understand complex photography requirements like exposure and shutter speed.


Both types of phones also have some “special” features that you might not know exist. If photography is one of your passions, take the time to watch some videos or talk to people in person to find out what kind of modes they’re using. You’ll be surprised at the options you have!


When comparing iPhone vs. Android from a megapixel standpoint, Android offers you an edge. However, with all the different editing tools and other features to take into consideration, the photo competition between each type of phone is intense. If you’re a professional photographer, there might be some features on one phone or the other that matter more to you. If you’re an amateur, or just in it for fun, you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose.


If you want to up your megapixel game, shop with Boost Mobile and get the latest phones at our best price.

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