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What is a UICC card?

A UICC card is the physical smart card that is pre-inserted on your device and allows for LTE network authentication/ access. It's a new generation SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card. No customer-specific information-like contacts, address book, or account information, photos, or personal data- is stored on this card.


What is an ICC ID?

The ICC ID (Integrated Circuit Card ID) is a unique 20-character ID serial number assigned to the UICC card. The UICC is a term to describe the card itself, the ICC ID is the serial number assigned to the UICC card.


Can I share a UICC card between two phones?

UICCs may not be shared between two devices. Each UICC is assigned to a transceiver (device) and paired together. Users may not simply pop a UICC out of one device and use it immediately in another device. This is known as 'pop and swap'. Boost Mobile specifically activates and checks for the paired equipment when connecting to the Sprint network.


What do you do with a UICC card?

The UICC is pre-inserted to your 4G LTE device and should be left in your device at all times.

Do not remove the pre-inserted UICC card from the phone!

If you do, the phone will not work. If you lose the pre-inserted UICC card, you will have to call us to ask for a replacement. Our best advice is just leaving it in the phone. Most new devices that require use of a removable UICC card will already have the UICC card pre-inserted. There is no need to insert the card. If the UICC card is removed and you need assistance to re-insert, then please see the device tutorials for your device within the device support section of


What if I remove or lose my UICC Card?

If you remove your UICC card, LTE service will stop working until you reinsert the UICC card. For assistance on re-inserting the UICC card please see the device tutorials within the device support section of


How do I pair a replacement UICC card to my 4G LTE Device?

Pairing your replacement UICC card to your device is easy! Power off your device, ensure your current UICC Card is removed, insert the new UICC card, power on your device, and follow the on-screen prompts. For a tutorial on how to remove/insert the UICC card, see the device tutorials for your device within the device support section of


Can I copy personal data onto the SIM?

No. The SIM is not to be used for storing any personal or application data when using your phone. Attempting to tamper with the SIM itself may cause the UICC to become unusable.


Can I create a backup of the UICC?

The Sprint UICCs are a unique SIM technology and cannot be duplicated. Strong security encryption and anti-tampering measures have been designed into the UICC.


Can I buy a UICC at any Walmart, Best Buy, or other carrier store?

If you need to replace your UICC, it MUST be Sprint UICC compatible with your device. You cannot buy a generic SIM card and attempt to use it with your phone. Additionally, other carrier UICCs cannot be used with our Sprint devices. Sprint UICCs also cannot be used on other carrier devices (e.g. to enable LTE on their equipment).