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Activate a Sprint Phone


How can I activate an eligible Sprint phone?

You can activate an eligible Sprint phone by visiting a local Boost Mobile store. You can find a store near you by going to the Store Locator on Please Note: National Retail stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy will not be able to activate an eligible Sprint device.


Can an existing Boost Mobile customer change their phone to an eligible Sprint phone?

Yes. Customers can change to an eligible Sprint phone at a local Boost Mobile store. Please visit the Store Locator on to find a store near you.


I have an eligible Sprint phone, why is the dealer not able to activate it?

Only eligible Sprint phones can activate on Boost Mobile. If the device is currently on Sprint Contract or has been labeled a Lost/Stolen device, it will not be eligible to activate on Boost service.


Can I activate an eligible Sprint phone that is still active on Sprint?

No. Eligible Sprint phones must have fulfilled their Sprint contract agreement and cannot be active on a Sprint account. If you attempt to activate an active Sprint phone, the activation will not complete.


Will I be charged the $10 Reactivation Fee?

If you are a new Boost customer, you will automatically be charged a $10 Reactivation Fee when activating an eligible Sprint phone on a new account. This fee will need to be paid in order for the phone to become active.


Which Boost Mobile plans will be available for activation?

Eligible Sprint phones can be activated on any of our available Boost Mobile plans. At this time, the list of eligible Sprint phones does not include Blackberry devices.


What add-ons will be available?

You can select from some of our current available add-ons (International Connect, International Minute Packs). Phone Insurance and AirG VIP will not be available with a Sprint device.


Will all services and features work on eligible Sprint phones?

Voice, basic text, and web will be available on eligible Sprint phones.

Due to technical differences between the Boost Mobile and Sprint MMS platform, we CANNOT guarantee that MMS (aka picture messaging) will be available on these phones. In addition, we do NOT guarantee that all Sprint specific or other preinstalled applications may be available or functional (e.g., Sprint TV, Nascar, Sprint Football Live, Sprint Navigator, Mobile Wallet, Wireless Backup).

NOTE: If your Sprint phone asks you to check for Wireless Back up Availability, select No.

Instant Messaging and Mobile Email services will vary by device. For email access, customers can enter their email client's URL into the web browser.


Can I access Boost Mobile My Account from eligible Sprint phones?

Eligible Sprint Android phones can access My Account by visiting:  from the mobile internet browser.


Can I purchase ringtones, wallpaper, and games on the eligible Sprint phones?

No, these services are only available for purchase on Boost Mobile phones.


Can I purchase insurance for eligible Sprint phones?

No. Boost Mobile only offers phone insurance for new Boost Mobile phones


Do eligible Sprint phones come with any type of warranty?

No. Manufacturers only offer warranties for new Boost Mobile phones.


Will a Sprint Service Center be able to support an eligible Sprint phone on a Boost Mobile plan?

No. Sprint phones with a Boost Mobile account are not eligible for support from Sprint Service Center locations. Visit a local Boost Mobile store for any phone issues. Please visit the Store Locator on to find a store near you.