Warranty Policy

Your new Boost Mobile phone is covered under a limited warranty. This limited warranty may include the Product accessories and battery included in your phone packaging. To obtain more specific warranty information about your phone and to request in warranty service, please reference your User Guide which can be found by clicking here.

Boost Mobile certified pre-owned phones are not covered under warranty.

For non-BlackBerry® smartphone customers, please contact the appropriate equipment manufacturer for warranty return instructions as explained in your User Guide.

Boost Mobile warranty policy for BlackBerry smartphone users

Your BlackBerry smartphone User Guide contains a lot of helpful information for setting up, using, and troubleshooting various features and services supported on your phone. We encourage you to review the User Guide information. To determine if your issue is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, please see the BlackBerry User Tools CD.

Should we send you a replacement phone due to an in-warranty phone claim, you will have 14 days from the time you receive your replacement BlackBerry smartphone package to ship your original BlackBerry smartphone back to us in the return envelope provided. If you do not ship your original BlackBerry smartphone within 14 days, your Boost service will be suspended and you will lose any money in your account as a result. Additionally, both your replacement phone and original phone will be blocked from future use.

If your phone's defect or damage is NOT covered by the manufacturer's warranty, your account may be charged a $150 repair fee.

Please note that once you return your original phone to us, we cannot return it to you.
If you have a BlackBerry smartphone from Boost Mobile, please contact Boost Customer Care at 888-266-7848 for any in warranty issues. Click here to view the Boost Mobile warranty policy for BlackBerry smartphone users.