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Plan Restart


What is Plan Restart?

Plan Restart allows you to restart your monthly plan and your plan's subscription add-on services before the end of your current month of service. By restarting your plan and paying your total monthly payment amount before the payment date, your plan services (and recurring add-ons, if any) will be reset. For example, if you have used all of your international minutes included with your international connect add-on, you can restart your plan to reset this service and its minutes.


Do all the services in my monthly plan start over?

Yes. The services included with your monthly plan will be reset (or restart). For example, if you used your entire monthly high-speed data allotment, a Plan Restart will reset your monthly data allotment and restore your high-speed data services.

Note: A Plan Restart will also cause you to lose any unused service allotments remaining (i.e., minutes, data, etc.)


What about my plan add-ons? Will those start over?

It depends. "Recurring" (or subscription) plan add-ons, such as the International Connect Plus with 1,000 minutes to mobiles in Mexico, will reset and restore any allotments (e.g., 1,000 minutes, etc.) with a Plan Restart. "One-time" (or non-recurring) plan add-ons, such as the Daily Hotspot or International Minute Packs, will not be impacted and will expire at their time limit or when the included allotment is depleted, whichever occurs first.


Do I have to pay the total monthly payment amount to restart my plan?

Yes, to restart your plan, the total payment amount (cost of plan and add-ons, if any) must be paid in order to reset all of your monthly services and add-ons that are not paid independent of your monthly plan.


Will my monthly payment date change if I restart my plan?

Yes. Once you restart your plan, your new monthly payment date will be effective on the day you completed the plan reset. For example, if you reset your plan on the 5th, the new monthly payment date will be on the 5th moving forward.


What is the benefit of restarting my plan?

Restarting your plan allows you the benefit of resetting any service that has been depleted or throttled prior to the end of your monthly payment date. For example, if you have International Connect with Mexico Mobile minutes and have used all of the allowed Mexico Mobile minutes before the end of your monthly payment date, you can reset your plan to restart the allowed number of minutes.


If I have data or international minutes left from my current month, will they roll over to my next month when I restart my plan?

No. If a plan restart is selected then any remaining allotment of services from the current month will not carry over into the next month.


Which Boost Mobile plans can be restarted?

Plan Restart is available for any current Boost Mobile monthly service plans.


How do I use the Plan Restart option?

You can restart your plan by visiting My Account and clicking on the "plans & add-ons" tab.


When will Plan Restart be effective?

Plan Restart will be effective immediately.


If I have an advance payment on my account, can I restart my plan?

Yes, you can restart your plan if you have an advance payment on your account. You will need to agree to cancel the advance payment when prompted in order to restart the plan. Your account balance will also need to have sufficient funds in order to restart the plan.


If I have a scheduled plan change on my account, can I restart my plan?

Yes, you can restart your plan, however you first will need to cancel any future dated plan changes that are scheduled. Then when you restart your plan, you will be restarting what is currently effective on your account. If you have a cancelation of an add- on set, this will not be immediately removed. Instead it will restart with your current plan and reset to expire one month from the day of restarting service.