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Sprint Forward Customer Migration


What changes are being made to Sprint Forward and how were customers notified of these changes?

  • We are happy to announce that Sprint Forward customers will now be transitioning to our sister brand Boost Mobile.
  • Customers were notified via SMS beginning 01/10/2019 about the decision to discontinue the Sprint Forward plans. At that time, we said that we were working on a plan to ensure customers will continue to have great service from Sprint and that we would be communicating those details soon.
  • We are letting customers know about the transition to Boost Mobile and what can be expected. The following FAQ’s have many of the common questions and answers you may have about the process.

When will my account move to Boost?

  • All Sprint Forward accounts will be migrated to Boost by the end of September. You will receive a notification with your specific date as the migration date nears.

I have been a Sprint Forward customer for a long time, why is my account being transitioned to Boost Mobile?

  • We appreciate your loyalty. To ensure that we offer the best service to our customers, we regularly examine our plans. At this time a decision to discontinue Sprint Forward has been made. We are committed to providing you with great service, therefore we will transition your account to our sister brand Boost Mobile. We expect that you will keep the same amazing plan, phone and phone number, with taxes and fees included. We are certain you will enjoy being part of the Boost Mobile family. For additional Boost Mobile benefits click here. If you do not take any action before mid-September, we will automatically move your existing account and current plan to Boost Mobile at no extra cost to you.

I received a message a while ago that said I could stay on my Sprint Forward plan until January 10, 2020. Is this option still available or does my account need to be transitioned to Boost Mobile?

  • Unfortunately, staying with Sprint Forward until January 10, 2020 is no longer an option. All customers that do not proactively transition their accounts to Boost Mobile will have their accounts automatically transitioned starting in September so that your service can continue without any major disruption.
  • Sprint continuously reviews its service offers and plans to evolve and adapt to business needs and circumstances. Therefore, we encourage you to migrate your Sprint Forward mobile number and plan to Sprint’s other no long-term contract brand, Boost Mobile. You can keep your number, and in most instances, have a plan with the same or better features! Also, Boost Mobile plans include all taxes and fees!

Will my plan payment date change?

  • Your payment date is not expected to change when your account is transitioned to Boost Mobile unless you change your plan.
  • Recurring monthly plan payments are due on your payment date, which is based on the day when you purchased, restarted, switched to or activated your plan.

I have an existing balance on my account. What will happen to this balance when the transition occurs?

  • When the automatic transition occurs any account balances will carry over to your new Boost Mobile account. You will not be able to obtain a refund, however.

Will my Auto Pay setup continue?

  • Yes, if you are currently enrolled in AutoPay, Sprint Forward will automatically transfer your AutoPay to your Boost account in most cases to prevent your services from being interrupted. You may choose to un-enroll your Sprint Forward account from AutoPay by visiting prior transitioning to Boost. At any time following the transition, if you would no longer prefer to be enrolled in AutoPay or need to change cards, you can do so by visiting and using the first four digits of your current Sprint Forward PIN to access your account information.
  • Your Auto Pay discount will be applied.

Will my account or phone number be cancelled if I don't make a monthly payment?

  • You will have 120 days after your monthly plan expires to add money to your account to prevent cancellation, loss of all funds comprising your cash balance and your telephone number. Lost funds are nonrefundable. If your monthly plan expires and you do not make a monthly payment, you cannot use your phone.

Can I access Boost Mobile My Account from a Sprint phone?

  • Yes. Once your account is transitioned to Boost Mobile, you can access your account from your phone.
  • To access your account from your phone, you will need to download the My Boost app from the Google Play or Apple store.

How can I access my account information following the transition to Boost Mobile?


Why do I no longer have a secret question and answer?

  • While Sprint Forward requested a secret question and answer, the Boost Mobile system does not require it. If you forget your PIN, you will have other methods available to retrieve it.

Can I still refill my account in the Sprint Store or in Sprint Forward My Account?

  • Until your account is transitioned to Boost Mobile you can still pay at a Sprint store or online by logging into your Sprint Forward My Account.
  • After your account is transitioned to Boost Mobile, you will be able to make payments to your account by purchasing Re-Boost cards at a Boost Mobile retailer, pay at a Boost Mobile store or pay online at Boost Mobile My Account.
  • Previously purchased Sprint Forward prepaid refill cards can be used to add money to your Boost Mobile account.

What additional benefits will I receive with my transition to Boost Mobile?

  • Taxes and fees will now be INCLUDED in your new Boost Mobile plan.
  • 6,800 Boost Mobile locations nationwide for your convenience.
  • 99% nationwide coverage with voice roaming.
  • Boost Perks, a reward program exclusive to Boost Mobile customers.

Will there be any changes to my monthly plan amount after the transition to Boost Mobile?

  • There will be no extra cost added to your monthly payment with the transition to Boost Mobile.
  • If fact, Boost Mobile accounts have taxes and fees included. Customers will end up paying less.
  • You will receive the same level of service or more with your transition to Boost Mobile —at no extra cost to you.

Do I need to make any changes to my account for the transition to Boost Mobile?

  • We’ve got you covered! In most cases you won’t have to make any changes.
  • Continue to make your monthly payments on time to keep your account active through the transition.
  • If you would prefer to switch your service to Boost Mobile now and sign up for a new Boost Mobile service plan, we invite you to visit your local Boost Mobile store for assistance.

Will my phone number stay the same after the transition to Boost Mobile?

  • Yes! You will keep your phone number, if you continue to keep your Sprint Forward account active through mid-September.

Can I change phones or add lines to my account?

  • Yes! Once your account is transitioned to Boost Mobile you will be able to change plans, add lines and upgrade your phone.

Can I transition to Boost Mobile before the transition date?

  • Yes, if you’d like to transition to Boost Mobile prior to the transition date, please call Boost Mobile Care, 866-402-7366

Will my Sprint Forward applications/services work with Boost Mobile?

  • We do not guarantee that all Sprint-specific applications will be available, such as Sprint TV, Sprint Football Live, Sprint Navigator, Mobile Wallet, etc.
  • Voice, basic text, and data will be available on eligible Sprint phones.
  • Boost Mobile has several applications to choose from for customers transitioning to Boost Mobile. Please visit to learn more.

Can I purchase insurance for my Sprint phone?

  • Unfortunately, if you do not have phone insurance at the time of transition, you will not be able to add it at that time.
  • However, customers who upgrade to a new Boost Mobile device are eligible to purchase phone insurance at that time.
  • If you have existing phone insurance with your Sprint Forward account, this will carry over to Boost Mobile.

Can I add Mobile Hotspot to my device?

  • Yes, if your phone is compatible with Mobile Hotspot. Log into your Boost Mobile My Account to check eligibility.

If I have a problem with my phone, can I take it to a Sprint Service Center?

  • Unfortunately, once your account is transitioned to a Boost Mobile account your phone is no longer eligible for support from a Sprint service center. You can visit a Boost Mobile store for assistance.

My phone uses a 4G LTE SIM card (UICC), so do I need to replace it with a Boost Mobile 4G LTE SIM card?

  • If you have an Apple iPhone 5s or 5c, yes you will need to replace the SIM card. These models have a removable UICC SIM card that needs to be replaced.
  • If your phone is not an iPhone 5s or 5c, you do not need to replace your SIM card. You can continue to use the same 4G LTE SIM card.

I was planning to graduate to Sprint Postpaid, how do I do that?

  • With the transition to Boost Mobile your account is no longer eligible to graduate to Sprint Postpaid.
  • However, if you’d like to sign up for Sprint service, please visit a Sprint store.