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How do I get free 200MB each month?

Even though the plan is free, you will need to enroll in it in order to receive 200MB each month. Once you do, your plan's data allotment will then be bumped up by 200MB. You will not be charged! You may decide you only need 200MB each month. Please know that the 200MB will be available for up to one year from activation.


Can I use the tablet only via Wi-Fi?

Of course! Customers who intend to use their tablet only via a public/private Wi-Fi network should still select the $0/200 MB plan. This will keep you covered if you are out on the go and not near a convenient Wi-Fi connection. Connecting to a different internet service provider may incur separate fees.

Also, it should be noted that the 200MB will be available for up to one year from activation at which time if you wish to continue receiving it, you will need to re-enroll here.


How do I maximize usage of my data allocation?

We suggest a couple of things to maximize your usage of data allocation each month:

  • Connect your tablet to Wi-Fi whenever possible as this will also maximize the data allotment of any plan you choose.
  • Since the tablet can also be a hotspot, make sure you manage who uses it as a hotspot.
  • Check your usage on My Account to keep track of how much data you have left before the next month's payment which is when you will restart your new monthly data allotment.
  • If you run out of data before your next payment due date, you can restart your plan to get more data here.

I've used up my data allotment, how can I get more?

Simply restart your plan. You will have to pay for your plan's MRC, but your data allotment will be updated as soon as you pay. The Free/200MB plan works a little differently though. You must wait until your next due date and then you will receive 200MB for the upcoming month. There are no options to purchase additional data for tablets.


How do I activate my new Tablet?

It's simple! Just follow the steps listed in our Get Started Guide (that was packaged with your device) or visit our online activation page.


Where can I use my Tablet?

As long as you're in a 4G LTE or Enhanced LTE coverage area, have data remaining in your plan, and your device is charged and operational, you can use your Tablet on our network. Remember, you always have an option of using Wi-Fi to access the internet, but you may incur separate fees for doing so from the internet service provider. For Boost Mobile 4G LTE coverage areas, click here.


Can I use my tablet as a hotspot?

Yes. Boost Mobile tablet plans have the mobile hotspot capability built into the plan. Any usage of it as a hotspot will count against your plan's data allotment, so pay attention to how much data is being used by your friends! You do not have to select one of our Boost Mobile Hotspot plans for the Tablet hotspot to work. There is no way to remove the hotspot functionality from the plan. To block mobile hotspot usage you should disable the mobile hotspot functionality from the device. See the user guide for instructions.


Do I need a Boost Account PIN for a tablet?

Yes, Your Account PIN is 4-digit, numeric code you created to access your Boost Mobile account. You need your Account PIN to manage your account online, including viewing your account balance and/or payment date, adding money to your account, changing your plan, checking your account history online, and doing almost anything else with your account.

Make sure you have your Account PIN written down somewhere so you don't forget it. Also, we suggest you don't use consecutive or repeated numbers. And never share your Account PIN with anyone - it's the key to your account.


How do I retrieve a forgotten Boost Mobile Account PIN?

If you forget your Account PIN,click here and we'll send it to the email address associated with your Boost Mobile account.


Do unused megabytes roll over into the next month?

No. Unused data expires 30 days after purchase.


Is the data on the tablet plans unlimited, like on the Boost handsets?

Our tablet product provides a fixed bucket of high-speed data. When the data allotted to each plan is used up, the customer can restart their plan to get more high-speed data.


How long does my account remain open if I can't pay for my monthly plan?

We hope you continue to enjoy your Boost Mobile Tablet Plan each month but if you decide not to buy another plan when your monthly payment is due, your account will remain active for 120 days after your last payment due date. At that time, if you choose not to purchase another plan, your account will expire. If you attempt to reconnect your Tablet to the network, you will have to re-activate Boost Tablet service plan.


If I have a question about how to use my device, where do I go to get answers?

Check out our online device support which contains user guides, troubleshooting tips and all the information you will need to use the product.


How do I make a payment?

You have the option to pay with case, credit card or debit card or you can pay in person, online or over the phone. For a complete overview and step-by-step instructions on how you can make a payment, visit our Re-Boost® section.


Can I make voice calls, send a fax or a text message using my Tablet?

No, the product is intended for data services usage and is not capable of making voice or sending/receiving text messages. There may be other third-party applications or solutions available that allow those services in some capacity but Boost Mobile does not endorse, guarantee or provide any support for any third-party products and/or software you decide to install on your tablet.